Friday, February 8, 2013

A few minutes alone

Ink eventually comes off!

This was in the fall when Levi was three and had a few minutes alone.

Now.  If I had a few minutes alone at home....what would I do??  
  1. Read.  Maybe.
  2. Blog. Maybe.
  3. Sit.  Maybe, but probably not.
  4. Go to bathroom....I rarely get to be in there and NOT be interrupted! 
  5. Make a phone call and actually have a conversation.  I dream about doing this.
  6. Start thinking about my kids! 
As I was writing this, thinking that I really don't get "alone time" I realized that I actually do.  It's early in the morning when the kids are still sleeping.  That's when I exercise.  I'm so glad I wrote made me realize that I do have some alone time!

What do pre-schoolers do during school when their older siblings are doing their school work?!

What do you do when you have a few minutes alone?