Homeschool High School

Why homeschool high school?

Are you preparing your kids for Eternity or Society?
The Common Core Video  This is 40 minutes long.  Watch it.  Watch it in 10 minute intervals if you have to, but watch it.

Find a Mentor 
Get A Homeschool Mentor blog post 
HSLDA has high school mentors...and they are free!

What courses does your high school student need? 
 Each state has different requirements so you find out what your state require, if anything.  In Texas homeschoolers are considered private schools and the state does not mandate any specific requirements for homeschool graduation.

**See the bottom of the page for a sample plan.

Honor Society
The National Society of Highschool Scholars
HSLDA has a list of other Honor Societies.

Volunteer Hours
Track your service hours here  on the President's Volunteer Service Award Website

How to give course credit.
History course at the VFW.  Culinary Arts at home.
Driver's Ed for high school credit?   
Writing  Sources to help you teach writing.

SAT/ACT  Tests
SAT test information
ACT test infomation

Celtic College Consultants- Katherine O'Brien
Transcript without Grades  Scroll down under "homeschool" and find sample transcripts.
 HSLDA Sample Transcripts   You will find samples of course descriptions on this link too.
Scroll down for  here  for sample transcripts.
Grades and transcripts and what to do when you don't give grades.
How to Calculate Your Grade Point Average (GPA)
Your grade point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the total amount of grade points earned by the total amount of credit hours attempted.
To calculate your cumulative G.P.A., total the credit hours and then the grade points from all semesters. Divide the total grade points by the total credit hours.

High School Diplomas
HSLDA High School Diplomas 
Free high school diploma templates 

 Homeschool Graduation
Homeschool Graduation Ceremony
Buy Announcements online from companies like Snapfish
Buy cap and gown and diploma from HSLDA

Websites with Highschool Resources
JourneyingSue Blog
The Homescholar- Lee Binz
Facebook- Homeschool Highschool Support
Sonlight Forum
Tapestry of Grace Forum
The Well Trained Mind Forum

The Bible. 
Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks in Homeschool Curriculum
Debra Bell's Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens
When You Rise Up by R.C.  Sproul Jr.
The Well Trained Mind 
 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential

Foreign Language
Landry Academy

Oklahoma State University
Debora Bell's Aim Academy
Memoria Press 
The Potters School
In Germany- The local Volkshochschule.
Community College

Math Tutor 

Test Prep Help  for SAT/ACT, CLEP 

Homeschoolers playing sports in public high schools 

Worldview Academy  where students learn about servant leadership, apologetics/evangelism, and comparative worldviews.  Students can earn high school and college credit.
IGovern a government/leadership camp where students can earn high school government or civics credit.



College Credit
Pennsylvania Homeschoolers  AP online classes.  
CollegePlus  CLEP and College Degrees.
Homeschool College
 Debora Bell's Aim Academy  Pre-AP and AP courses.  They are asynchronous. 
Patrick Henry College- Dual Credit courses
Liberty University Edge Program- Dual Credit courses
Regent University- Dual Credit courses
Grand Canyon University- Dual Credit courses
 Free MIT course materials 

College Visits
College Visits Part 1 
College Visits Part 2 

College sports
 See College Visits Part 1

This is the proposed Graduation Plan for Texas 2014-2015

Existing graduation plan highlights

New plan under Texas HB 5 highlights

Recommended/Distinguished (Four-by-four) 
4 credits English
3 credits Math
2 credits Science
3 credits social studies
1 credit Physical Education
1/2 credit Speech
1 credit Fine Arts 
4 credits English
4 credits Math
4 credits Science
4 credits Social Studies
2 credits language other than English
1 credit Physical Education
1/2 credit Speech
1 credit Fine Arts 
4 credits English
3 credits Math
3 credits Science
3 credits Social Studies
1 credit Physical Education
2 credits language other than English (can be computer programming)
1 credit Fine Arts 
4 credits English
4 credits Math
(including Algebra II)
4 credits Science
3 credits Social Studies
1 credit Physical Education
2 credits language other than English
(can be computer programming)
1 credit Fine Arts
Plus one endorsement 
Proposed endorsement subject areas
STEM Science, technology, engineering, advanced math 
Business and Industry Database management, information technology, communications, accounting, finance, marketing, graphic design, architecture, construction, welding, logistics, automotive technology, agricultural science, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning 
Public Services Health sciences and occupations, education and training, law enforcement, culinary arts and hospitality 
Arts and Humanities Political science, world languages, cultural studies, English literature, history, fine arts 
Multidisciplinary Studies Various advanced courses from several endorsement areas. 

Science-  usually at least 2 of these need to have a lab
Social Studies-   This can include a half credit each of Economics and Government and/or a credit of Geograpy
Fine Arts - Music, Theater, Art
 Some States may require:
Health-  0.5 credit


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