Tuesday, May 27, 2014

7 Ways to Find a Homeschool Mentor

I'm following up my post about 
the importance of finding a homeschool mentor 
with one on  
how to find a homeschool mentor.


7 Ways to Find a Homeschool Mentor

1.  Homeschool Groups:  The first thing that comes to my mind is a local homeschool group.  You could find out who has been homeschooling for awhile, talk to them and then if you communicate well with her, ask if you could meet a few times and then maybe form a relationship that way.  I found it easiest to connect with other homeschool moms when we met at a park and let the kids play while we talked.  Some homeschool groups have "mom's night out" and that would be a great place to find a mentor.  Ask if there is a mentor program.  Advertise to the group that you  are looking for one.

2.  Churches:  Another place would be a church.  If you attend a church you could ask the pastor or Youth Leader who the homeschool families are - they usually know!  And, then introduce yourself to them and get to know them.  Also, you may call some local churches to see if they have a large homeschool population and maybe they have mom's nights out for homeschool moms.  

3.  Businesses:  Yes, isn't that odd?  Many business have certain days or hours set up for homeschoolers.  Here are some ideas:  local library (not really a business), gymnastics, YMCA, art studios may have art classes for homeschoolers.  You may contact some of these places and check them out.  Often you can take the first class free. You may meet a mentor there. 

4.  Homeschool forums:  The forums would be online mentors, not face-to-face.  I have found the Sonlight Forum to be invaluable!!

5.  Homeschool Conference:  When you attend a homeschool conference there are breakout sessions where you can meet other homeschoolers...maybe the presenter would be your mentor.   Most of the speakers are veteran homeschoolers. 

6.  Blogs:  There are a ton of homeschool blogs out there with many people who love to encourage other homeschoolers.  I googled and found this site to be helpful. 
A List of Top Homeschool Blogs 
7 Sisters Homeschool   
7.  Homeschool Legal Defense Association I met one of my mentors online via HSLDA's High School Consultants and then I met her in person at a conference!!

Do you have a homeschool mentor?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why Would Anyone Homeschool High School?

My oldest will graduate from high school in a few days.

For years I've heard other say things like...the GOAL of education is discipleship, or it's not about academics but about glorifying God, or, more recently, we're not training our kids for society but for eternity. 

I think they are right.

Hosea 4:6 says, "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge."  A writer on the Net Bible Study says that if the knowledge that our children lack is in God's word then they will be eternally lost.

A speaker at the first Titus 2:1 Confernce said that we are raising world changers.  Our children are weapons.  Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one's youth (Psalm 127:4).  Why outsource that?  It's not whether our children will be taught.  The question is, Who will teach them and what will they be taught?

When we homeschool our children in/through high school we can put them an environment that will individualize their education based on their gifts, talents and calling.

Research shows that "age/grade isolation or segregation actually inhibits socialization," says Elizabeth Smith in "Why Homeschool Teens?"  Age segregation is also detrimental to teens' spiritual formation (christiannewswire.com). 

When we homeschool our children in/through high school we build family relationships and strength.  Satan is working to destroy this.  My kids bug each other...probably every day.  But, I think the best friends they have are their siblings.

There are more than enough resources for Americans to homeschool high school.

See my
for resources for those considering homeschooling high school 
and those already doing it but looking for more information.  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Resources for Homschooling High School

Have you ever thought about homeschooling until high school?  Or, did you decide to homeschool high school and now you have questions?

I put together a list of resources and suggestions for those considering homeschooling high school, those who think they can't homeschool high school and those who are homeschooling high school now.

The list isn't formatted in a pretty way and it's not complete.  It's in a get-er-done format.   I'm giving a talk on this topic to my local homeschool group and I wanted them to be able to access the information easily so I hyper-linked as much as I could (as much as I had time for).   It would make more sense if you were sitting there with us I'm sure.

Please use it and share it if you find it helpful.  I hope you do.  My intent is to encourage those of you want to continue to homeschool high school and to encourage those of you who heard from somewhere that you can't homeschool high school.  Yes you can.

The question isn't whether you CAN,as in have the ability to,  homeschool high schoolThe question is whether you WANT to.

My list is in my tab (page) above called  
"Homeschool High School." 
Or, click here to go to it.

What do you think of the list?
Do you have questions about it?
Was it helpful??