Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Krispy Kreme Field Trip today!

If you are  familiar with Krispy Kreme donuts, you know that when the "red light" is on that means that fresh hot donuts are ready and waiting.  At our local Krispy Kreme when the red light is on and its between 5 am and 10am or 5 pm and 10 pm you can go in and get a FREE hot glazed donut!!

If you aren't familiar with Krispy Kreme, they started in North Carolina in 1937.

If you're familiar with the Weight Watchers point system, a donut is worth about 6-10 points depending on which donut(s) you eat.

If you're not familiar with Weight Watchers, then to put it into non-Weight Watchers terms, they equal about the same as an entire healthy dinner.   I ate the donut that I made and ran 4 miles today, so hopefully that equaled out somehow.

Getting ready for the tour.

Going behind the scenes.

Where donuts are" birthed"...The machine on the right, behind the lady, is where the ingredients are placed and mixed.

This is the second stage where the dough is made into "rings".

We all got to dip glazed donuts into chocolate and sprinkles.  Ah.  Another reason I homeschool!

Here is Levi and the donut he "made".  I made one too and it was sooooo awesome.

Here's Sophia's.

Levi is really into knights now.  Ever since we studied Queen Elizabeth I and went online to Usborned-uplinks and found the jousting website. 

A knight with cowboy boots, like the boy in Shiela Walsh's book. "Will, God's Mighty Warrior" that Levi reads every day.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I smiled at my dog today.

I kind of laughed and wondered if she understood what that meant.  Later in the day I actually googled it...yes, I actually had time to google it, and I found an article by LiveScience writer Waynne Parry that says, "A new study indicates dogs can learn to distinguish a smile."  Mystery solved.

Just after I smiled at the dog I was climbing my stairs smiling to myself at the humor in smiling at my dog, I found a half eaten apple slice with peanut butter hiding on my stairs.  I figured it was only from today, and I was so thankful that I have someone come to me clean occasionally.  I give up hair cuts and chocolate to keep the house cleaner coming.  We also clean the house on our own, but every few weeks she comes and it looks so nice for an hour or so.

I view housecleaning as a school expense, "janitorial services" for our academy.

Book Review: Last summer my friend had an extra copy of 5 Conversations You Must Have with Your Daughter  byVicki Courtney and she gave it to me telling me it is a must read.  It only took until now to pick it up and after just reading the first paragraph of the introduction I was hooked.  I haven't read much yet, but I hope to read it and provide a short review.  

Monday, February 27, 2012

We flew fighter jets today (well in a simulator)!

Today was the day we planned to go to an Air Force base and fly in flight simulators.  There ended up being 2 families, and since we are homeschooling families,  we had 11 kids.  Here is more info on the types of aircraft we flew...The Beechcraft T-6 Texan II is a single-engined turboprop aircraft used by the United States Air Force for basic pilot training, and The Northrop T-38 Talon is a twin-engine supersonic jet trainer

T-38 jet.

Jesse flying a T-38.  He was the first to fly and he pulled all kinds of stunts.  He set the bar pretty high! He landed like a pro too.


Levi couldn't wait to fly.  Fortunately he had to sit on my lap so I "helped" him.  We started at about 600 knots..close to the speed of sound (: which is just what I was hoping for!  Soon after that we did a loop-de-loop...ahhhh.

Josh landed it!

Luke getting ready to land.

Landed it.  No problem.

Caroline and Sophia flew too, but we were rotating rooms and I didn't get to snap a picture of them.  Well, I'll plan to get some next time!  The "sims" instructor invited us back! He's been flying for 50 years (starting at age 10).

 And as if that isn't enough....last night Steve and I went to a free Mac Powell concert.  Mac, as I tend to call him, is the lead singer for the best band ev-ah.  That's right, Third Day. We sat about 10 rows back.  It was awesome. 

Mac on the big screen.
Right in front of us.  Not a great pic from my cell phone unfortunately.