Saturday, April 6, 2013

Raising a Modern Day Princess

Have you heard of the Raising a Modern Day Princess Program It's similar to the book, Raising a Modern Day Knight.  Have you heard of that one?  

Before my oldest child, now almost 17, turned 13 years old a friend of ours told us about the book Raising a  Modern Day Knight Here's what says about it:   
"Using the customs of pursuing knighthood in the medieval era, author Robert Lewis draws parallels to achieving manhood today. It's a meticulous process that requires vision, goals and an uncompromising character. Inside this book, you'll find solid advice to help you courageously lead your son into a biblical masculinity that will impact others. A Focus on the Family resource."

My two oldest boys are going through the journey of becoming men and we are using this book to guide that process.  One of my favorite parts is the letters that the boys get from men who are important in their life.  In the letters these men explain in their own words what it means to be a man. The letters are real, thought-provoking and potentially life-altering.  My husband asked specific men to write these letters which we give to the boys to read around their 13th birthday. 

We found the Modern Day Knight principles so significant that we wondered if there was a similar program for girls.  There is! 

Raising a Modern Day Princess by Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna.

"In the same tradition as Raising a Modern-Day Knight, this book (Raising a Modern Day Princess) is designed to equip parents to cultivate strong relationships with their adolescents."  (Google Books)

The curriculum has a book, a leader guide and a journal for the girls.  There is a secular version and a Christian version.  We are finishing the Christian version with my oldest daughter who just turned 13.  The program consists of ten sessions. The following is from the authors' website:

What the curriculum includes: Study Outline
Session 1: Discovering the Princess Within – A personality profile defining their innate personality and character traits
Session 2: My Legacy Empowers My Destiny – Discovering their family heritage
Session 3: The Wealth Found in Obedience – Finding the worth in respecting adults and obeying appropriate life and legal rules
Session 4: The Portrait of a Prince – Defining the qualities of a good male role model and future boyfriend or husband
Session 5: The Treasure of True Friends – Defining the qualities of finding and becoming a true friend
Session 6: Looking & Acting Like a Princess - A fun time learning how to enhance their natural beauty in a make up session and etiquette training through a lovely meal.
Session 7: The Princess in the Mirror – Making choices based on personal convictions, not just feelings.
The faith-based curriculum includes the following additional weeks:
Session 8: Beyond My Kingdom - Discovering mentors that will help them pursue their passion and future.
Session 9: Dancing with the King – Learning the importance of “staying in step” with God through His word, prayer and journaling.
The Celebration!
Session 10: Remembering My Crowning Celebration – Coming back together one last time to share their experiences and exchange pictures of their sessions together and of the celebration!
The program culminates with The Night of Celebration during which the girls dress in a special outfit, get a blessing from their father and receive a tiara as they celebrate their entry into Godly womanhood.

Click here to find out more Raising a Modern Day Princess.

Click here to find out more about  Raising a Modern Day Knight.

During the summer I asked the moms of two of my daughter's friends if they wanted to join me in this program.  These moms were/are my friends too so it's been a wonderful time with the six of us.  I think it benefited the moms as much as it did the girls!  We meet once or twice a month as our schedules allow.   Soon we will have the girls' Night of Celebration with all of our families and some of the youth leaders from our church. 

 This has been an awesome, rewarding experience for our group of girls and moms!  And, I'm sure it will have eternal ramifications for all of our families.  I encourage you to look at the programsRaising a Modern Day Knight and Raising a Modern Day Princess, and, if you have children on their way to adulthood, to adopt these programs.  

At the Night of Celebration each dad gave a blessing to his daughter and also gave her a tiarra.

The girls went out to dinner with their dads and then on to the celebration and reception after.


Have any of you implemented these programs in the past?

After you check out the websites, let me know what you think about them.



  1. I am excited to look into this for my daughter!

  2. Great! I really want to let others know about it because it's a wonderful program with an immense, immediate and eternal impact on the girls, their families and communities.

  3. This is awesome! When I was in college, I read "Captivating" and it really changed my life. I'm excited for your girls that they are being taught these important lessons at a young age!

  4. Thanks Rachel. I read that book too and liked it. I think having someone affirm the girls in person has meaningful effect. They are excited about the Night of Celebration.