Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Luke's home! Tuesday, 30 August 2011

 (Jesse's Medieval Axe)

Luke got home last night.  He was so excited about his trip and excited to be home at the same time.  I had trouble falling asleep and at around 1130 PM Luke came in and said he just hurt his back really bad and he couldn't move or do anything.  It was terrible.  I couldn't have gotten him in a car and taken him to the ER for a muscle relaxant because he was hurting so bad.  He said he was sitting on the bed and leaned over to touch his foot and then he had a terrible pain...no popping.   I got him laying in bed and gave him some Motrin.   I gave him his cell phone and told him to call me if he was having a hard time sleeping.  I thought that if he called me, I might not hear him and that he would feel better knowing he could get a hold of me.  I checked on him in about 40 minutes and he was sleeping.  When I got up in the morning, I called an made an appt for him today.

He slept in and by 1100 he was up and dressed but in pain.  I took him to the appt and got a muscle relaxant for him.  Levi slept in his stroller during the entire appt.  I thought about staying at the clinic as long as he was sleeping, but we left when we were done and he woke on the way to the car.

Jesse had his Robotics class today.  I took him and Rachel picked him up, so that worked out well.  He really enjoyed it.

Caroline was trying to train Darby not to eat food from the counter today.  She set out some bread and had Darby's training collar on.  When Darby is wearing the collar and you click on the remote she gets nerve stimulation that is irritating. The higher the setting, the more irritating.  Darby didn't go anywhere near the bread, so Caroline didn't even have the opportunity to click on the remote.  She's a pretty smart puppy.

We went to Josh's Boy Scout Troop's Court of Honor as a a family.  Josh wants to go on the next campout with them because they always fish.  When we got home I realized I FORGOT Sophia's gymnastics tonight- it wasn't written on my calendar.  I was trusting my memory....bad idea.  Then I found Sophia's pretty white sandals in the kitchen...Darby chewed one of them.  She's smart, but I don't know if that kind of smart (chewing on things when we're gone) is good for her longevity.

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