Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Whitte Museum: Wednesday, 31 August 2011

 (Picture from the Witte Museum)
I guess the muscle relaxant really made Luke tired because he was just spacing out when I was trying to go over his school today.  He just did a little of his school yesterday, so he really needs to get some work done.  He has assignments due for his online classes that start next week- history, literature, and logic.  He was able to do some of his history reading and start his German class.

Today was homeschool day at the Witte Museum.  I wasn't sure if we would go or not, but Sophia really seemed to want to go.  Jesse likes it there and he said he wanted to go too.  So I called this morning to sign up and we planned to meet our homeschool group there at 1245.  We got there early and went in a paid.  We went out to check if there were others from our group and we saw one family we know.  Jan, the mom, said there wasn't anyone else from our group, so we just went in which is what we were going to do anyway.  I just thought I would meet at the meeting place and see if we could connect with any families from our group.  We don't do much with the group.  There was a special exhibit about the Amazon and we enjoyed it.  We only had a little over an hour there because we had to get back to take Luke, Josh and Caroline to their orthodontist app.  We walked around and the kids could have stayed a few more hours I think.  It's free to go there on Tuesdays after 3:00PM, so hopefully we'll head back soon.  It's air-conditioned.  When I was walking around with Jesse, Sophia and Levi today I thought, "Wow, this is unusual.  I don't have any kids in a stroller."  And was thinking that the three youngest get to do something they like to do.  I used to drag them to things that were more for the older kids.  Levi isn't even wearing diapers during the day anymore. 

We were in and out of the orthodontist in 40 minutes!  It  was the first time back for Caroline and Josh since they got their braces on.   They thought they were getting their bottom braces on today, but the orthodontist said not until next time.  He said that Caroline and Josh's teeth were doing great and their  hygiene is awesome!  If they don't have good hygiene they can get white spots on their teeth that will never go away- yuck.  They all picked out cool colors for their rubber bands.  Each had some version of teal or green and pink or purple I think.

Levi loves to go there because he likes the toys they have for him to play with.  His favorite is a "Viewmaster" and it has one disk with pictures in it.  He always wants the picture with the party.  I tried to find one online to buy for him once, but I didn't find it.  Maybe Ebay....

We dropped our van off at the car shop on post because there was a warning light on.  I called when we got back from the appt and the man realized he forgot to check the drop box and hasn't checked the car yet. He said he would do it before it closes at 7 tonight.  

More to follow later, I hope....

We finally heard back from the man who said he would send the one document Josh needs to get his Eagle award.  The man says he can't find the document stating Josh could start his project and since he can't find it he doesn't think he ever sent this necessary document.  Scouts are not supposed to start their project until they have this document.  Josh completed his project and if we get a note saying Josh was allowed to start, he will not get his Eagle award.  Steve was at the Eagle Board and he says that this man said all that Josh had to do was change the location of his project and he could start it.  Apparently there was a disconnect, and Josh still had to have it in writing.  Josh's Scout Master said he wouldn't have let Josh do the project if it wasn't approved and he remembered seeing the email approving it, but he can't find it now either.  The man was very defensive and not too pleasant.  When I talked to him the other night he said that he had the email approving Josh's project but tonight he said he was probably mistaken and it wasn't Josh's project that he was thinking of.  Josh has requested a copy of the the paperwork that the Board was supposed to give him at his board with the written changes he needed to make.  Then is supposed to email this man back saying that he made the changes.  Then the man has to confer with the man in charge of the Boards and see if he will say Josh was allowed to do his project.  This other man, was belittling and obnoxious at the first board Josh attended.  Ok, enough.   We'll pray that Josh will be given the approval that he needs to complete the process. 

Caroline had to miss her horse lesson today because I somehow scheduled her orthodontic appt during her lesson time.  Josh did get his piano lesson today because the teacher remembers to come to our house each week. 

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