Saturday, August 4, 2012

I lightened my load.

My planning was done.

Then, out of nowhere, I changed my plan.  In my last post I showed the classes my kids would be taking this year: classes my kids are taking this year

There were too many classes for me to teach.  I. Need. A. Break. 

So, I did "it" and I am so excited....

What did I do?  I signed up my three oldest kids for online classes with Tapestry of Grace.

The oldest two were already registered for literature with TOG's online classes.  In addition, I also signed up my soon-to-be 7th grade daughter for literature with them.  TOG has a great literature curriculum, but I don't always get to implement it.  Now, I know they will get all that great literary information from the TOG class.  

I also signed up my 7th and 9th graders for TOG's online history class.  My 2 oldest took history and literature online with TOG last year and I was going to teach it myself this year, but I snapped and just kept signing them up for courses!  I would have signed up my oldest for history with them too, but the class has a wait list, so I'm waiting to hear about that.

Finally, I signed all three of the oldest up for TOG's writing!  TOG has an amazing writing program.  Although I've been using IEW and I love it, I've always wanted to use TOG's writing because it is one of the best, but I just couldn't fit in preparing and teaching that class too.  (IEW's is easier to implement- IMHO.)  TOG's writing complements the literature and history curriculum so they will be writing about what they are learning about in history and literature.  (And someone else will provide feed back/grade their work too!  Yes!)

Such a heavy weight was lifted when I registered them for all of these classes.  My kids will still be using TOG, but I'll have help teaching.  I might even be able to breathe this school year.

Just in case you want to check out their online classes, here's a link:  Tapestry of Grace online classes

Now, if someone would recommend a writing class for my 10 yo 5th grade son that I don't have to teach or grade, I would be very thankful.

Do you have any classes that you "outsource"?

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