Saturday, July 28, 2012

Classes My Kids Are Taking This Year

Do you want to see what classes my kids will take this school year? you want to see the plans I made for their classes?  Some of the classes may change.  I'm still trying to squeeze in Latin...

Luke- 11th grade
Josh- 9th grade
Caroline- 7th grade
Jesse- 5th grade
Sophia- 3rd grade
Levi- 3 year old learning at all levels

Sophia- 3rd Grade
Writing- Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)
Spelling- Spelling Workout
Grammar- First Language Lessons
Cursive- Handwriting Without Tears
Science- Apologia Sea (with note-booking  journal)
Math- Math-U-See Gamma
History- Tapestry of Grace Year 3 (lower grammar)
Literature- Tapestry of Grace (TOG)
Bible- Tapestry of Grace Worldview
PE:  Gymnastic Team
Art- with a private tutor

Jesse- 5th Grade
Cursive- Handwriting Without Tears
Writing- Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) SWICC-A
Science- Finish Rod and Staff Year 4
Spelling- IEW
Literature- Tapestry of Grace Year 3  (upper grammar)
Math- finish Teaching Textbooks 6
History- TOG Year 3
Bible- Tapestry of Grace Worldview
Art with a private tutor
PE:  Soccer, baseball

Caroline-7th Grade
Writing Institute for Excellence in Writing SWI CC A
Science- Apologia  Gen Science using schedule from Sonlight
Math- Math-U-See  Pre- Algebra
History – Tapestry of Grace Year 3 -Dialectic
Literature- TOG Year 3 -Dialectic
Spelling- IEW
Grammar- Analytical Grammar (AG)
Bible- Tapestry of Grace Worldview
Logic- Fallacy detective
PE:  Club Soccer

Josh- 9th Grade
Math- Algebra 2 or Geometry with Teaching Textbooks
Science- Apologia Biology using DIVE (CLEP)
History- TOG Year 3 Rhetoric (US History CLEP)
Literature- TOG Year 3 online
Writing- IEW, The Elegant Essay
Grammar- AG
Spanish- Oklahoma State University  
Bible- Tapestry of Grace Worldview
Logic- Fallacy detective
Government-  TOG and IGovern (Homeschool Legal Defense Association), 0.5 Credit
(PSAT) memoria press class?
PE:   soccer, baseball, hunting

Luke- 11th Grade
1) Math- Pre-calculus Teaching Textbooks (co-op)
2) Science- Apologia Chemistry (co-op)
3) History- TOG Year 3 Rhetoric (US History CLEP)
4) English
Literature- TOG Year 3 online
            Writing-  IEW The Elegant Essay and  Regent University Dual Credit course
            Grammar- AG reinforcements
5) German- Oklahoma State University 
6) Government-  TOG and IGovern (Homeschool Legal Defense Association), 0.5 credit
7) Bible
8) Choir
9) PE:  Club Soccer, baseball

Key to abbreviations:
IEW – Institute for Excellence in Writing
TOG- Tapestry of Grace
TT- Teaching Textbooks
MUS- Math-U-See
AG- Analytical Grammar
PE- Physical Education

NOTE:  After posting this, I changed my plans a little...and I'm very excited about the changes.  You can see what I did at "I lightened my load."

Is it helpful to see what others are doing in their school? 

Would you like to see my daily schedule on Word showing when I work with each child?

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  1. I do like seeing what others are doing. It seems like when a group of homeschooling parents gets together, sooner or later the conversation turns to curriculum. It's expensive, so it's nice to get some opinions from those who have used it before purchasing.

  2. good luck!!! I am counting the days till my kids GO to school so they can learn stuff they have to unlearn at home. If I had the patience, I would have homescholoed...end up doing it anyway, just takes longer.

  3. If you are interested in connecting with other Apologia users, check out the Apologia Blog Roll that I host here:


  4. Sounds like a fun (and busy) year! I have a 5th and 7th grader, too.

    How do you like IEW? I have looked at it before, and it seems good. We used WriteShop a few years ago and now we kind of do our own thing, using the Four-Square method and lots of collaborative writing. But sometimes I wonder if my kids should be on a more "organized" curriculum. Do your kids journal?

    Found your blog on the NBTS hop, by the way. Have a wonderful year learning together!

    1. Hi Sparklee,
      I'm glad you visited. I like IEW alot for 2 reasons. 1. Kids learn how to write using it. 2. We use the DVD to watch Andrew Pudewa teach the lesssons. That saves me alot of time preparing lessons. I'm sure there are a ton of other great programs or having the mom teach the kids is great too. I found out that I didn't know a good way to teach kids how to write, so IEW really helped me do that (they have training DVDs for teachers too).

      I recommend that if it's not broken, don't fix it! Also, I changed to Tapestry of Grace for writing this year for my 3 older kids. I'm letting TOG help me with alot of my teaching this year....You can look at my updated schedule on a subsequent post:


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