Tuesday, May 27, 2014

7 Ways to Find a Homeschool Mentor

I'm following up my post about 
the importance of finding a homeschool mentor 
with one on  
how to find a homeschool mentor.


7 Ways to Find a Homeschool Mentor

1.  Homeschool Groups:  The first thing that comes to my mind is a local homeschool group.  You could find out who has been homeschooling for awhile, talk to them and then if you communicate well with her, ask if you could meet a few times and then maybe form a relationship that way.  I found it easiest to connect with other homeschool moms when we met at a park and let the kids play while we talked.  Some homeschool groups have "mom's night out" and that would be a great place to find a mentor.  Ask if there is a mentor program.  Advertise to the group that you  are looking for one.

2.  Churches:  Another place would be a church.  If you attend a church you could ask the pastor or Youth Leader who the homeschool families are - they usually know!  And, then introduce yourself to them and get to know them.  Also, you may call some local churches to see if they have a large homeschool population and maybe they have mom's nights out for homeschool moms.  

3.  Businesses:  Yes, isn't that odd?  Many business have certain days or hours set up for homeschoolers.  Here are some ideas:  local library (not really a business), gymnastics, YMCA, art studios may have art classes for homeschoolers.  You may contact some of these places and check them out.  Often you can take the first class free. You may meet a mentor there. 

4.  Homeschool forums:  The forums would be online mentors, not face-to-face.  I have found the Sonlight Forum to be invaluable!!

5.  Homeschool Conference:  When you attend a homeschool conference there are breakout sessions where you can meet other homeschoolers...maybe the presenter would be your mentor.   Most of the speakers are veteran homeschoolers. 

6.  Blogs:  There are a ton of homeschool blogs out there with many people who love to encourage other homeschoolers.  I googled and found this site to be helpful. 
A List of Top Homeschool Blogs 
7 Sisters Homeschool   
7.  Homeschool Legal Defense Association I met one of my mentors online via HSLDA's High School Consultants and then I met her in person at a conference!!

Do you have a homeschool mentor?

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