Sunday, May 11, 2014

Resources for Homschooling High School

Have you ever thought about homeschooling until high school?  Or, did you decide to homeschool high school and now you have questions?

I put together a list of resources and suggestions for those considering homeschooling high school, those who think they can't homeschool high school and those who are homeschooling high school now.

The list isn't formatted in a pretty way and it's not complete.  It's in a get-er-done format.   I'm giving a talk on this topic to my local homeschool group and I wanted them to be able to access the information easily so I hyper-linked as much as I could (as much as I had time for).   It would make more sense if you were sitting there with us I'm sure.

Please use it and share it if you find it helpful.  I hope you do.  My intent is to encourage those of you want to continue to homeschool high school and to encourage those of you who heard from somewhere that you can't homeschool high school.  Yes you can.

The question isn't whether you CAN,as in have the ability to,  homeschool high schoolThe question is whether you WANT to.

My list is in my tab (page) above called  
"Homeschool High School." 
Or, click here to go to it.

What do you think of the list?
Do you have questions about it?
Was it helpful??

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