Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday, 1 Sep 2011 Payday!

Let's see. Luke didn't finish his Geometry last school year.   It was my fault because I changed his math curriculum to one that didn't work for him and then changed him back to his original one, and it put him behind.  I hoped to have him finish it over the summer, but we pretty much just did summer this summer.  So, no he pretty much forgets alot of geometry.  Not just from the chapter he is in, but from the entire year.  I had a tutor come today so she can work with him and get him through the end of the book so he can start Algebra II.  One of the people from the company where I buy his math curriculum said that Algebra and Geometry are so much different and some people "get" one but not the other.  I'm hoping he gets Algebra better than geometry.  The tutor was very good. 

Rachel was here from 0930-1130 entertaining Levi!!  They both have a belly laugh which is distracting and endearing at the same time.

Sandra, the house cleaner was also here today so we had a full house this morning!  I invited Sandra and her kids to our church.   I hope she comes.

When I helped Caroline with her German today I couldn't figure out how she was expected to get the answers to her homework from her textbook- it didn't correlate.  So, I called her (wonderful) teacher and I realized that we have the wrong workbook.   I went online and ordered the correct one- I hope.

Levi had lots of energy today, so I decided to take him to the pool after lunch.  I got Sophia and Jesse to go with me too.  We just went for about half an hour, but when we got home Levi took a nap!

One of the optional activities for the history lessons for Caroline, Jesse and Sophia is to make an Illuminated Letter like they made in the Middle (Dark) Ages.  I think this is so cool.  I found out we need gold pens or paint to make one, so I  quickly went to Michael's  this afternoon when Levi was sleeping.  I got some gold pens and some card stock.  I can't wait to have the kids make  a letter.  Actually, I can't wait to make a model of one tonight so I can show it to them in the morning- it looks like fun. 

When I got back from Michael's there was noise from upstairs.  I figured that meant Levi was awake.  I went up to Luke's room, where the noise was coming from, and found the lights off and a new (from CA) strobe light on and all the kids  (minus Jesse who was at Christian's house) dancing.  They had wigs and sunglasses on and were having a great time.  I went downstairs to work on dinner....

I remembered to get Sophia to her gymnastics tonight!  There are so many young, amazing gymnasts there.  Sophia has mentioned she wants to be an Olympian gymnast. 

Luke's back is better!  He went with Josh to Josh's soccer practice tonight.  He is volunteering to help coach Josh's soccer team. Craig likes him helping and is really excited that Luke is a Ref and can help Ref games for Josh's team.

Steve picked up Sophia and Luke and Josh and Levi and I went to the commissary.  We were out of almost everything. 

After I got the kids to bed, I made an example Illuminated letter.... I guess I should take a pic and put it on here.  It was really fun, cool and relaxing.  Tomorrow I hope to have the kids make one.  I think they will all enjoy it. 

After I made the letter, I worked on a note for Josh to forward to the Eagle Board members, requesting approval for his project.  The man we spoke to last night said he would have approved it once Josh made certain changes.  It turns out, those changes were already addressed in his original write up.  So, we hope they will say his project was approved to begin and give him the document he needs to get his Eagle rank.  I think the worst that will happen is that he will have to do the project again. It was really fun getting household items for the Fisher House and if Josh has to do that again, it will fun a second time too. 

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