Thursday, June 7, 2012

What do your kids do on summer mornings?

No answers on this post.

Just a question.

What do your kids do when they get up in the mornings in the summer?

I mean on the mornings when there isn't anything planned for the day.  I don't want my kids turning on the TV or the computer everyday.  I  would love some suggestions. 

They eat, do some light chores.  One has some school work to complete.  Eventually they go outside and we often spend hours at the pool. 

But, in the mornings, in the summer, they are prone to turn on the TV/computer...which bugs me.  And, it is all about me, right?  If left to themselves they could be watching TV for hours.  Not preferable!

 My kids are 3, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16.  It's mostly the younger ones that I need suggestions for.

Levi has swim lessons for 2 weeks!

What do your kids do on summer mornings when they get up?  Especially kids 12 and under.

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  1. Wow. 6 kids! Yesterday was our first "official" day of summer now that school is out. So I am pondering this same question! :)

  2. My kids do not have free access to a computer or any tv-type video games. They never think to turn on the T.V., mostly just because they never have. If I did it one morning, I'm sure they would want it the next morning! When my kids get up, school or no school, they usually head for Legos (mine are 9 & 7) or they are on some other mission to create something that will inevitably cause a mess! We haven't really got anything happening yet this summer -- finished testing last week, and this week we're getting ready to travel for a family reunion. I am working way more hours (at home) than I normally do, so that ties us down a bit. My boys seem to read a lot, play legos a lot, and in the middle they make a lot of stuff!

    I made the mistake, at the end of the school year, of letting them watch Wild Krats at 4pm a couple of weekdays. Now, everyday, they seem to want to be counting the minutes to Wild Krats. I told them we would not be spending the summer doing that, so I might have to banish it altogether! It's a decent show, but come on -- it's summer! Get outside and play for pete's sake!

    So, the short answer is, we don't really have a plan at the moment. Stay tuned, however, because I can't stand not having a plan, so it won't last too long!