Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sources to help you teach writing.

Are you looking for some help with teaching your kids writing at home? I can relate.  Although I like writing, I'm not always sure of the best way to teach it.  

There are numerous companies available to homeschoolers offering anything from grading papers, editing papers, coaching your child for a specific project or teaching your child writing for the whole year. 

The courses can either be synchronous (the students must log online at a certain time for their course work), or asynchronous (the students do not have a specific time to be online and can access the class/work anytime).  


They provide asynchronous individualized online writing courses for students in grades 4-12.  The courses range from one month long and continue up to an entire school year.  You can tell them what you want the student to work on or their writing coach can determine what the student will work on.  Students work at their own pace.  This company also has a 12 week grammar course for students age 12 and up that covers all the basics of grammar.  They will help students perfect their SAT/ACT essays and college application essays.  My son just started using this company and so far the coach has given him wonderful guidance on his project.

2.  Institute for Excellence in Writing
Intitute for Excellence in Writing offers classes for all grades on DVD, so you can have Andrew Pudewa teach your kids as you learn with them.  They also have a link on their website where you can find tutors who will grade papers for people using the IEW curriculum. 

3.   Tapestry of Grace
Tapestry of Grace offers numerous online classes that correspond to their curriculum for grade 6 and up.  These classes are synchonous.  The classes are small so that the teachers and students can have meaningful discussions and interaction.  Register early;  the classes fill up quickly.
 4.   Landry Academy
I am always amazed at the number and variety of courses Landry Academy offers.  Their classes are synchronous one and half hour online classes that meet once a week.  The company is professional and accommodating.  Teachers work diligently with students.  
5.  Memoria Press
Memoria Press offers synchronous online courses for grades 4-12.  The courses generally meet once a week for about an hour and a half. 
 6. for military families   or   
If you are a military family and need help with school work this is a great free resource.  My son used it for some help with calculus and the tutor was knowledgeable and an adept tutor.  Non-military families need to pay for the service. You sign on when you need help.  Tutors are available 24/7.

 7.   Brave Writer
 Asynchronous 4-6 week online classes and home study courses for grammar school to college.  They offer a great variety of courses.
 8.  WriteAtHome
This source offers asynchronous year-long middle school and high school writing courses and SAT essay courses and they also offer workshops.  Another great resource they provide is a pay per paper service which is great when you need short term help or just help with grading and not with teaching.
 9.  Dual Credit Courses at Regent University  
Regent University and other universities such as Liberty University and Patrick Henry College offer dual credit English composition courses.  Your high school student can take college level writing courses in high school through countless colleges and universities either online or on-campus and earn both high school and college credit.
10. Education Portal- FREE courses 

While I  was writing this post I found this resource.   They offer a college composition course.  They are fans of Khan Academy and have some similarities.  One difference from Khan is that they "offer a clear path to college credit"   so students in their courses can take the CLEP after completing the course.  (   Review of Education-Portal

I've used the services of number 1-6 for my kids and highly recommend them.  Number 7-9 are well known and respected, but I haven't used them.  Number 10 has 73 video lessons on college composition. 

Have you wanted someone to help you teach writing or just grade papers?


  1. Oh my gosh, great resources!! Pinning! So happy I found your blog linked at the WWU ( or was it HSing Mother's Journal?)
    Thanks for sharing! Following....:)

    1. Hi Chris, I'm not sure where you found my post, but I'm glad we found each other!

  2. Yes! Hence the entrance of IEW to our curriculum list this year (for my 5th grader). ;) Good list, though. Some I hadn't heard of yet but will "pin" for future reference. Thanks!

    1. Hi Laura,
      I've had part of this list for awhile and I'm always referring back to it. I used IEW's paper grading service in the past and I was happy I did.

  3. Fantastic resource, Sue! I also blog about high school, and would like to support your blog, by sharing in facebook or goggle. Which one are you wanting to build up? I am trying to build up my google followers. I'm going to go and share this post on my page BJ's Homeschoool right now! +BetsySproger @ BJ's Homeschool blog.

    1. Hi Betsy, Yes, you and I have crossed paths before. You are a great resource also! I use Facebook more than Google. Thanks!!

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