Sunday, October 27, 2013

SAT Prep Resources

 Most colleges now accept the SAT or ACT test for admission.  College consultants usually recommend that students take both the SAT and ACT to see if they do better on one or the other.  Then, if they want to improve their score, the recommendation is to take the test that they did better on initially.  

Do students need to take a prep course before taking the test or before taking it a second time?  That probably depends on the student.  Some students will study well on their own.  Others do better with tips they learn from a class and completing homework assignments.  Some, may do best with one-on-one tutoring.  

My son took a class and did some private tutoring.  I didn't have experience with kids taking SAT tests and I was on my own figuring out how to help him prepare for the test.  For those of you in that situation, I'd like to share some resources for SAT test prep that I found.  Some of then also help with ACT prep but this list focuses on the SAT test.
When we lived in the States my son could attend a local test prep class.  But, once we moved to Germany that wasn't available so I looked for resources that we could use here.  So, whether you live in the US or another country there are SAT test prep resources available.  


SAT Test Prep Resources: This list generally goes from least expensive to most expensive.
The College Board's Official SAT Study Guide
A book with DVD.

Student works on his own or he can work with a group of friends/students.
 Or, students can sign up on the College Board Website for the Official SAT question of the day.
Online course is $69.95.
 "Google" test prep courses in your local area

You can do an online search for local SAT test prep courses and find a course that fits your time frame and budget.
 You can also find tutoring companies in big cities such as Sylvan Learning Centers.

 Brave Writer
Four week SAT/ACT essay class online.  

Write at Home
Two week crash course for SAT/ACT essay.

Twelve lesson DVD course
Local Two Day Class
$149 (early-bird), $199

On demand videos and interactive lessons
Starting at $99.
You can get discount codes.  Contact Katherine O'Brien about getting a discount at Celtic College Consultants

Princeton Review 
Many choices from in-person to online test prep.
Prices vary depending on which method and course you choose.

 SAT Success Secrets
Private individual tutoring company.
Can do sessions via Skype.
Choose single lessons or a twelve or sixteen lesson package.
Each lesson is two hours.
Contact Jeff Bergman for prices. 

Nurturing Wisdom 
Test prep and tutoring
They can sessions via Skype.
Contact them for prices.

Many students prepare for the SAT test on their own.  Some have their parents help them.  I'm sure some don't do any preparation! 

What do your students to do prepare?  
Has the test preparation improved their score?


  1. Thanks for this! I am thinking about using resources from my library...they have tons of books on it.

    1. Hi Samantha,
      You are welcome. That is a great idea to use library materials!