Sunday, October 20, 2013

Homeschool Graduation Ceremony

I blinked.  Then, I realized that my oldest will graduate in the spring.  Spring.  I don't know the specific date yet, but it will probably be at the beginning of June when the local military public school graduates.

Until last year I never thought much about a graduation ceremony for my kids.  One of the thoughts I did have was, "Maybe they would have a party for me as a thank-you for teaching them."  Okay, so that was a fleeting prideful thought- just being honest here.

Then I thought, I'm kinda burnt out.  I'm not going to "do" a graduation ceremony.  We'll just finish school and get ready to send my son to college...kinda act like it's no big deal

Two things made me realize that it IS  a big deal.

1.    Modern Day Knight
We've been doing the Modern Day Knight (MDK) program with our two oldest boys and plan to continue it with our two youngest sons.  The program helps parents to "courageously lead your son into a biblical masculinity that will impact others."  It's helped us intentionally train our boys to become Godly men.  It's a process.  A journey.  A long one.  One suggestion the MDK program has is to celebrate your sons' milestones throughout their life.

We started with a ceremony when they turned 13. That was awhile ago!  I realized we need to celebrate their graduation milestone and commission bless them as they prepare to leave the house. 

So our family will celebrate our children's homeschool high school graduation.

2.  It's a Spiritual Journey.

The second impetus prodding me to have a graduation ceremony is that someone mentioned that our schooling is a spiritual journey more than an academic one.  I knew that, but somehow I forgot.  I've been intent on having my son apply to college this fall.  My main job has been attempting to perfect his transcript- ha.  As a homeschooler, his transcript will look "different."   Hopefully, that "different" will translate to "wow- we want him!" in college admission offices.

So, while my focus recently has been on academics, thankfully a fellow homeschool mom reminded me that homeschooling is also a spiritual journey.  It's NOT about academics.  Really.  It's about what God has been doing in the life of our family and in the life of my son.  God is good and He is doing good things for His glory.  We are going to celebrate that. 

 What will we do?
You might be wondering what I'm going to do for our homeschool gradation ceremonys.  I'm sure that will differ for each child.  We could be living in a different place for each child's graduation.  

Here are some ideas for our first graduation ceremony in the spring:

1.  Invite friends over to our house for dessert and a celebration.

2.  Or, rent a facility and have a ceremony there.

3.  Have my son wear a cap and gown, let him make a speech and present a diploma during the celebration.

4.  "Roast" our son.

5.  Have my son make a speech- if he chooses.

6.  Tell the story of what I see our son's life can be, of how I see him carrying out God's will for him in his life.

7.  Present him with a life verse.  I think I found one!

8.  Give him keys to his brand new Porche.  (Just kidding about that last one!)

While I don't expect our celebration to be extravagant, we will celebrate the young man he has become and bless him as prepares to move to a different continent (we're in Germany and he'll move to the US) for college.  

What are your homeschool high school graduation traditions and plans?


  1. with our oldest that we graduated a couple of years ago, our church had a time when they recognized all graduates. Then we had a little cookout with our family and his grandma and two aunts. He really didn't even want to do that. We did it more for his grandma and aunts. I do think he enjoyed. :)

    1. Hi Joy,
      I am so glad and eager to hear what others have done! As you know, we don't have family here in Germany and there are no other homeschooled high school seniors...or even juniors where we live. The main thing I want to do is to give him a blessing and speak words of faith and truth and encouragement about God's promises for him.

    2. I think that if you do that and just have a special meal, in his honor, and just let him know how much he means to you, he will enjoy it. :)

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