Sunday, February 19, 2012

The original 13 colonies.

That's what we're studying in history.  We study chronological world history with Tapestry of Grace and we are in the 1600's when the Europeans, mostly the British, are establishing colonies in North America.

Here's a mnemonic for the original 13 colonies (which are also the original 13 states):
Very many nice men come running down North Street not needing police guards.

Here's the 13 colonies that go with the first letter of each word in the above sentence, not in chronological order:
VA, MA, NJ,  MD, CT, RI, DE, NH, SC, NC, NY, PA, GA.

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  1. I am obviously to tired to be up reading blogs because I swear I read the original 13 calories.
    hah Time for bed!