Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What to do with Levi?!

It's hard to homeschool with Levi.  He learned a new phrase..."I want attention."  Yes, he does.  He is so cute that he gets a lot of it too!  However, he interrupts and is loud.  He does not like going to childcare anywhere.  When I say he doesn't like it, I mean he got kicked out last year.  He just cries for mom or dad.  If I have a sitter here he wants to be around us and not go outside. Any other time he loves going outside.  Not sure what to do or what not to do with him.  I guess the thing that works the best is to rotate the other kids to play with him. 

Wednesdays have a little too much going on.  Today starting at 1:30 I took Caroline to horse lessons. Came home and put Levi down for his nap.  He actually took one, yeah!  Went back to get Caroline and had to run to the store with her.  Came back home and took Levi outside to ride his bike.  Then took Caroline and Josh to soccer practice.  Good thing I had dinner in the crock pot.  I
ate with Jesse and Levi when I got home.  Sophia and Luke had eaten.  Then I took Luke to Youth Group with all the other kids.  Came home for 20 minutes and played Twister with Sophia, Jesse and Levi before going to pick up Caroline and Josh at soccer. 

Saw another parent picking up his child in his LAMBORGHINI!  We have 2 vans and a 2005 Hyundai 5 seater, which is my favorite.

Anyway, after picking them up I stopped at the commissary for ice cream while the kids stayed in the car and watched Toy Story 2.  The cashier told me about crock pot bags.  Did you know there is a such thing as crock pot bags?!  I didn't.  You put them in the crock pot and clean up is a breeze!  I bought 2 boxes and I have a pork roast in the crock pot in a bag for tomorrow!  I told the cashier that you can cook baked potatoes in a crock and cook  ground beef in them too.  We were both overjoyed at each others' news!

Went home and unpacked ice cream and the various other products I picked up.   Let the kids have some ice cream and then went to pick up Luke.  I told the kids to get ready for bed when they were done their ice cream.  When I got home they were getting ready for bed!  Steve called from D.C. and ended up talking to Josh so I could get the kids to bed. 

Tomorrow's Bible lesson is about the death of Saul and his sons.  So sad.  I'm going to read up on the lesson now. 

I also have to read up on participles, dangling participle and participle phrases.....well maybe I'll take that on our trip and read it while we're driving to go skiing this weekend. 

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