Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kids remember.

The story of Ruth.  The other day I was reading to Levi before his nap.  I held The Bible Story Book for Toddlers, one of his favorites, and turned to the story of Ruth and Naomi.    He said, "We read that in Bible class."   I thought maybe they had just read it in Sunday School that morning so I said, "Did they read it in Sunday School?"  He said, "No.  Bible Class."  I realized we had read that in our homeschool Bible class in the past month or so.  And I said, "You're right!"  Good job!  He was listening.  He remembered. 

When am I going to do school?  Today when I was getting Levi dressed he asked me, "When am I going to do school?"  He meant exactly that.  When will he start school.  I told him he's already in school, like Bible class! 

Are we going to Youth Group today?  Shortly after that he asked if we are going to Youth Group today.  Luke goes to Youth Group.  Levi doesn't, but apparently he is cognizant of it.  No, we're not going today. 

Wimberly Glass works field trip!!  I love field trips because they are such a great way to learn and because they get me out of the day-to-day teaching, but not necessarily in that order!  We went to the Wimberly Class Works today.  We saw a live demonstration of glass making.  My kids have seen that before, but were excited to see it again.  Everyone who works there has a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in glass.  I never knew there was such a degree.  Jesse said he wants to do that for a career.  He likes abstract art. 

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