Friday, February 3, 2012

If you spill water on your laptop keyboard...

If you spill water on your laptop keyboard...ugh.  I wish didn't have this knowledge...but, here's what may happen.  After wiping off the keyboard and leaving your laptop on (mistake), after about 30 minutes the laptop may start to make a hissing, sizzling noise and then start to exude billowing smoke.  I remember one time our VCR started smoking and just sort of disintegrated, so when you see your laptop doing that it can raise the hair on your arms.  It seems that the best thing to do in this situation is turn it off,  unplug it, hope it dries out and isn't damaged!  Surprisingly it may actually still work.  Not sure how it's possible to make a laptop smoke and yet it continues to work. 

Caroline turns 12 this month- wow. She is a young lady.  Here she is yesterday (sitting) after Priscilla, an awesome stylist, cut her hair. 

Princess Caroline (sitting) and Stylist Priscilla

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