Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another blogger's post gave me an epiphany

Smiling with joy, almost laughing, I abruptly paused as I read Kendra's blog post on keeping preschoolers busy while homeschooling older kids .  I didn't even get to the part where she gives suggestions on how to keep them busy.  I paused and started writing this so I wouldn't forget my epiphany

I read this and stopped:
"Have you thought about including your littlest one in some of your teaching time? We have always had some sort of group teaching hour, and little ones love to know they are a part of what the rest of the family is doing."

Earlier today I shared with some of my blogging buddies my feeling of not wanting to start school this year.  Each year I have that feeling, but this year is different for some reason.

Every school year, except last year, I was pregnant and/or nursing

Last year I homeschooled 5 of my 6 children and my youngest turned 3 in the middle of the school year.  In case you don't have a child that age, it's the age of, "Mom.  Mom.  Mom." 

Mom, "What?!"

Three year old, "Hi."

Yes.  That age.

But, back to why I stopped abruptly while reading Kendra's post.  I've been thinking these past few days/weeks of the reason(s) why I am homeschooling.   It's not about academics.  Epiphany:  It's about guiding the kids to determine God's calling in their lives and helping them to achieve that calling.  

If it were just about academics, that would be easy.  Really.  I have a master's degree in Nursing as an Adult Nurse Practitioner.  I've taught nursing in the Army.  K-12 academics;  not that hard.  Homeschooling with a preschooler (BOY)- hard!

So, Kendra's note above made me think of this past school year.  Each morning we had a Bible class with all of the kids.  All.  Even the 2 yo who turned 3 in the middle of the year.  During the year, he would sporadically ask questions like, "Is it time for Bible?"  Or, we would be discussing something outside of Bible class and he would say, "We learned that in Bible class."  Did your mouth just drop like mine did every time?  Oh, and when he said that, it was something we learned about in Bible class! 

Eventually, I hope to get back to Kendra's   post and read her ideas about how to keep preschoolers busy while teaching older kids.  Or not.  Maybe I'm a little calloused about the possibility of that actually happening.  I mean the only trick I've found to be tried and true is...duct tape! 
{Kidding.  Really.}

How do you homeschool your older kids with preschoolers in the house? 

What do your preschoolers do while you are working with older kids?


  1. Thanks for reading, Sue! I love seeing what God does with anything I write, even if it causes you not to ever go back and read the rest!

    1. Hi Kendra,
      I've already been back to read more!

  2. My youngest is six now, but we've been homeschooling since he was two. I went through the years of teaching my oldest with a toddler and preschooler in the house. I had the same experience, where one of the younger children would remember something that we had learned in religion class (or history, or reading). It would be something that they wouldn't normally be taught for years. There's definitely an advantage to younger kids getting to listen in on their older siblings lessons.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      That always amazes me when the little ones "get it". My three yo wants to be at home with everyone else. I tried to have him go to child care for a few hours a week but he would have NONE of that.

  3. While I do not have as many children as you (I have 4), I have had this happen. Some days I would get frustrated like you. I learned early on to include them in some areas of our learning. If we sat at the table for a lesson, they would be right beside me (one of either side since they were 18 months apart) with paper and crayons. It helped. I will be praying for you as you decide what to do that works for you and your family!