Saturday, July 7, 2012

We picked up our exchange students today!

For the next three and a half weeks we'll have a 12 year old girl from Spain and a 16 year old boy from France.  

We are so excited!

At noon we picked them up and brought them to our house for lunch- Philly cheese steaks. 

Then to our neighborhood the Fort Sam Houston Quadrangle to see some free-range wildlife, and to a fire with smores at our neighbor's after dinner.   Whew! 

The Quadrangle- Student from France on the right.

Student from Spain on the left.

Deer, peacocks, roster, pigeons.....swans....

The students are here to learn English (or improve their English).  The intent is to have them join our family in what we normally do.  We aren't expected to be tour guides.  They join our family and learn.  So do we!  They'll go to South Padre Island with us on our week vacation.

We had a boy from France last year with the same organization, Nacel, for two weeks and it was the BEST! 

Have you ever thought about hosting a child from another country?


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