Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm participating in 7 Tools Book Club

The Pelsers 7 Tools Book Club

This is my first ever book club.  You are invited to join!  It starts tomorrow.

For more information on joining, click here  7 Tools Book Club.

Description of the book:  When you look at your children, do you see only little people making demands of your time? Or do you see what God sees—a landscape of limitless possibilities? Author and homeschool advocate Zan Tyler wants to take you beyond the here and now to embrace a wondrous, life-giving vision for your children’s future. With this amazing book, you will learn to recognize the signs of potential in your children, signs that are easy to miss yet ripe for cultivation. You will begin to see every facet of each child’s life through the eyes of faith and the lens of Scripture, creating a vision of hope and beauty. You will grow closer to the Master Gardener as you learn to use the tools He has given you for tending your family “garden.” Let Zan show you how to help your kids establish a godly identity, discover their purpose, develop a biblical worldview, and build leadership and communication skills. You will come away with a vision of child-raising so captivating and enthralling that you will know, come bedtime, it’s all been well worth the effort.

 Here’s what you need to know:
  •   Begins July 9.
  •  You’ll read one chapter each week. 
  •  Mondays: Reflection post and link up. Get link up details and buttons. 
  • Thursdays: Read an application type post from one of the book club contributors. 
  • Throughout the week: discussion in the closed Facebook group. 
  •  Fridays: Weekly email newsletter with a recap from the week. 
Here’s what you need to do:
  •  Get a copy of 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential by Zan Tyler. It’s available in paperback and ebooks formats.
  • Sign up for the 7 Tools Book Club email newsletter. Subscribers will receive a link to download the free pdf printable guide/journal. 
  •  Request to be added to the 7 Tools Book Club Facebook group. Once you’ve been added, jump in and introduce yourself. 

Why am putting this on my blog?  Because I "have" to?  Ha!  No, because I want to.  This is going to be life changing for some of us.

And, I suggest that you print the guide/journal and don't "cheat" like I often do- try to read the book without doing the work.  I caved in and wrote in my journal and it's been an amazing first few chapters...

Who's going to join me?


  1. I am in! Visiting from the 7 Tools post. Looking forward to reading with you.

    Missional Mama

    1. Hi Amy, Great! Did you see that we can post a blog post about the first chapter on Monday? Are you blogging, or just on Twitter?