Thursday, December 29, 2011

Completed an entire 2011 photo album in a few hours! Time to start next year's school planning.

I've used Snapfish for years, but I think they recently updated their website to make creating photo books even quicker and easier.  It only took me a few hours to make a photo book of the entire year (I used two 8x11 size books with about 111 pages in each book)!

That is very exciting to me because I love having pictures in albums, but I don't like actually putting the pictures in the albums. 

So now I have pictures on my blog and in albums.  Overkill? 

I wonder if the blog will still be available when my kids are older and may want to look back on growing up.   I hope Snapfish is still around for them too. 

I'm gently starting to plan for next year's school.  Pretty soon online classes will start registration and some will fill up quickly.  I'm going to have Luke take his history and literature with Tapestry of Grace again.  Josh will probably take literature with them again,  and history with me.  Luke is doing all of his chemistry labs, for next year's chemistry class, in a 2 day hands on lab this spring with Landry Academy.    Luke will continue his independent learning German class with Oklahoma State University and Josh will continue Spanish with The Potter's School. 

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