Thursday, December 1, 2011

Teaching the next group of siblings.

I'm at the point where I am teaching subjects for the second time to the next group of siblings or individual students.  Now that I'm teaching a few things to some of the kids that I've taught to older siblings in the past, it makes it easier for me.  The first time I taught many subjects it was all so new to me and it took me longer. 

Of course, the kids are all different, so they may not use the same curriculum as an older sibling, or they may respond to it differently, but at least I'm familiar with it.

For example, last year I started using "Analytical Grammar" with Luke.  This year I am using the same program with Josh, and a "Junior version" with Caroline and Jesse.  Also, I am using the same writing program, Institute for Excellence in Writing,  with Caroline and Jesse that I used with Luke and Josh.  Teaching it the second time is much easier.  Whew.  I still have to find the time to have the classes with them- that's harder than teaching the classes!

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