Friday, December 16, 2011

"Patience is when other parents are around."

I thought that quote was funny when I saw it recently.  That can be so true.  So many times I thought I should put a tape recorder on during school so that I can listen to myself and that would help me be more patient with the kids.  All my life I have not been very patient.  I think that's partly why God gave us 6 help me learn patience.  I'm still learning.

Have you missed me?  I haven't posted in over two weeks, I can't believe it.  I've missed writing.  I did have a few readers ask why I haven't been posting- they were family, of course, but that's great.  It's also funny because I started this blog to share with other homeschoolers in hopes that something I say about how I homeschool may help or encourage someone else.  It has evolved into a way to to keep in touch with family and friends too.  And that's great. 

I realized recently that I like writing, but really don't like grading my kids' writing.  Ugh.  Last year I had someone grade my older kids' papers and that was awesome.  Institute for Excellence in Writing has a list of "tutors" who will do that (for a fee of course).  It really freed me up though.

I guess I've been spending time on things that have kept me from blogging...a few ER visits, I was admitted to the hospital (everything checked out ok), Levi and Steve had birthdays,  my mom was here for about a week and a half, Luke and Josh had soccer playoffs/tournaments and we've been getting ready for the holidays. 

Here's a picture of our house with Christmas lights....

Here's our tree. 

Tomorrow's post will be about "taking a day off school and making it up."  I put that in quotes because I don't look at it as taking a day off.  I look at school being every day regardless of whether the kids are actually doing academic/traditional book work.  So tune in tomorrow!

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