Sunday, December 25, 2011

I want my kids to know how to cook a turkey.

The first time I cooked a turkey dinner I was 33 years old.  That wasn't the first time I tried to cook one.  I had tried the year before at Thanksgiving, but the turkey never cooked.  Twelve hours in the oven and it was not fully cooked.  I was so glad we weren't having guests over!  I think we fried enough of the foul to eat dinner that memorable night.  We finally figured out that I used the wrong type of dish to cook it in.  It was a pottery dish, and I guess it just didn't let the bird bake.

I was successful the next year, but for about the next 5 years or more, I was always afraid something would go wrong.  It's actually a pretty easy process, one that I would like my kids to know how do do before they leave home.  Is it a girl thing?  I don't know, don't care.  Even if they never cook a turkey, I want them to know how. 

My plan is to show the oldest one year and then have him/her cook it the next.  That plan already changed and Caroline, the third oldest,  helped me with the Thanksgiving bird and Luke, oldest, helped with the Christmas bird.  Next year, I hope to have them cook it.  Then Josh will be next, etc. 

My good missionary friend once asked me what I want my kids to know before they leave home.  She's good.  I was stupified, which the Urban Dictionary defines as,  "Confused and stupid at the same time. Sometimes involves starring blankly into the abyss."  

Uh, balance a checkbook?  Shoot, I don't even do that. 

Cook a turkey.  Now that's important.  Somehow it's right up there with learn to read, seek God's will and glorify Him in everything you do.  That's my list so far.  I'm not sure if it's too late to get back to her with my answer.  What I really want to do is ask her the same question.  I always wish I would have done that when she asked me, but at the time I was, as I said, stupified.  

Just in case my kids look back on this one day, I'll list what we had for dinner today:
- Turkey, prepared by Luke
- white potatoes
- sweet potatoes
- french rolls (store bought)
- cranberry sauce (from a can)
- gravy, prepared by Luke
- butter
- stuffing, prepared by Luke
- green bean casserole, requested by Caroline
- Taffy Apple Salad.  This was a new item on the Christmas menu and a big hit.  I'll put the recipe at the end of the post and I highly recommend that you take it to the next pot luck type meal you attend.  It tastes like a caramel apple.
- Cherry pie, ice cream, whipped cream for dessert.  Also a first is, gasp, store bought pie, sigh.  Well, it gave me time to make the Christmas cookies yesterday.

Here are a few pics from the day:

Early morning..

First things first.  Keep dog occupied.

Next, keep little guy busy.

Twins?  ( :  Caroline and Sue.

A German style training bike (no pedals).

Big hit!

Josh knows what's inside.

Sophia doesn't know what it is.

Caroline's uber cool purse.

The hoped-for compound bow. 

Table being set.

Luke's first turkey.

Blessed family.

Taffy Apple Salad

4 C. unpeeled apples, cut in chunks
1 small can pineapple juice
1 tsp. cider vinegar
8 oz. cool whip
2 Tbsp. flour
½ C. sugar
Dry roasted peanuts
Mini marshmallows

Pour pineapple juice into saucepan.  Add 1 tsp. cider vinegar, 2 Tbsp. flour and ½ C. sugar.

Heat on low, until it comes to a boil.  Cook until it becomes “custardy” (add more flour if needed).  Stir so it doesn’t clump.  Remove from heat to cool (can put it in freezer for about 10 minutes). 

Put apples in bowl, pour cooled mixture over.  Add peanuts, marshmallows to taste, then fold in Cool Whip.  Refridgerate for awhile before serving.

Merry Christmas 2011 Matthew 1:21 "She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.”

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