Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home visits for the adoption.

There are three times when  we will have people inspecting us and our home during the adoption process.

One is the Fire Inspection.  Since we live in government quarters, the post fire department will inspect our 100 year old house.  They will check to see if we have a fire extinguisher, whether we have overloaded outlets, paint and flammables are out of reach of children, etc.

The second, is a Health Inspection.  A military Community Health Nurse from the post will do that.  They will check to see if the house and yard are clean, that we have running water, functional bathrooms, plumbing, chemicals and medicines are out of reach of children, etc.

And the last is a Home Visit where a case worker will talk to everyone in  the house over 5 years old to get an idea about our family's likes and characteristics.  The case worker will choose which family will get the children based on the information they have about each eligible family and the adoptable children.  The family can say whether they want the kids, but the kids don't get to choose, so the case worker's job is very important. 

We are getting ready for people to come check out us and our home.  We also had to send the agency pictures of every room in our house.


  1. I am so excited for your family!!!

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Glad to hear from you and I'm glad you are still part of our family by reading the blog!