Sunday, December 18, 2011

I successfully forced my family to see the Nutcracker today!

Here they are after their torture

Actually, some of them enjoyed it!  Steve said it was the best one he's seen.  Levi (3 yo) talked almost the whole time asking if the soldier was coming back, what happened to the Mouse King, etc.  He remembered much of the story either from last year, or from reading the book.  Next year I think I'll skip it, or just take volunteers.  

We are really taking off school for 2 weeks!!  It feels like summer vacation!!  I need to order a some curriculum for the new semester and I really should grade the writing assignments that are sitting on my desk...We'll have some slight changes next semester:  Luke is done his Exercise Physiology class and Caroline finished her German class.

I'm hoping to start our independent study Latin course, but we'll see.  I signed everyone up through Memoria Press.  I have the classes on DVD, the website keeps track of their work and they can complete it at their own pace. 

Also, Luke will begin CollegePlus.  The plan is for him to earn 12 college credits this spring by taking CLEP tests on subjects that he is already taking this year.  In the high school junior and senior year, students normally take even more credits each semester.  We'll see what happens.

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