Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fine Arts vs. Sports

Well, is it "Fine Arts vs. Sports" or "Fine Arts and Sports"?  I think both are important. 

Sports have always been  a big deal in our family.   Steve and I both love sports.  When I was looking at high school requirements and college requirements in the past year (something you do when you have a high school student), I saw a requirement for Texas public school students to have a high school fine arts credit.  They should also have PE (physical education) credits.  The  PE credits are a "no-brainer" for our family.  We do sports.  Year round.  The Fine Arts.  Um.  Well.  We need to be intentional about that. 

I was looking at the Sonlight Forum about Fine Arts and I found that for some people PE credits are natural for their family, but they have to seek out Fine Arts.  For other families, Fine Arts abound but they have to seek out sports credits.  We are the former family. 

But, my kids have had fine arts and they continue to have them interspersed.  Tapestry of Grace has Fine Arts integrated into the program- I love TOG!  So, we've done Unit Studies on Color and on Drawing.  My kids were in a coop art class.  They have taken art lessons.  We're good.  It's not our forte, but we incorporate arts when we can.  This year, my two oldest are in the church choir and they will get their Fine Arts course work from that.  (It's free too!) 

There is an International Christian Film Festival in our town (San Antonio) in the spring, and I'm hoping that Luke, my high school student,  will get to go to that.  That would add to his Fine Arts experience.  ( I want to go too!)

Below is what prompted me to address this today.  Levi wanted to paint today and when Sophia saw him painting, she asked me to leave out the paints so she could paint later in the day.   Here is their work......

Sophia's flowers

Levi's Art (He turned 3 yesterday)

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