Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Contacting College Coaches

(Dija notice the alliteration in the title?  ahhh.)

  • Luke made his first contact with a college coach tonight.  Well, sort of.  He submitted a "Soccer Recruiting Form" which is a standard form on many college websites.  The coach will get the form automatically.   He had to give information about his high school GPA and test scores,  his soccer teams, position he plays, intended college major, etc.  
 Not surprisingly, the questions weren't geared to homeschoolers.  Not that I expect them to be, nor even want them to be.  One question where it was obvious that the person writing the form did not have homeschoolers in mind was the one that asked what is his class rank?  Note- it didn't say, " ___ out of _____."  So, his answer was 1.  He's ranked number 1 in his class.  All of my kids will be.  

I learned about submitting this form when I was talking to an admissions counselor about dual credit courses.  Very helpful info.

He'll follow up with the coach personally in the next few days.  He and I attended a seminar about how to be able to play college ball.  I have about 5 pages of notes with must dos and don'ts... 
  •  Another item of college preparation that Luke did tonight was to update his service hours on the website that we use.  Another homeschool mom recommended this website at a seminar I attended. 

Anybody 14 years old and up can have an account and track his/her service hours.  I used it when I was a Scout Leader to keep track of my hours.

A few years ago I wondered how many service hours high students "should" have as far as college applications go.  At a seminar about a year ago, the speaker said that her standard for her kids is an hour a week.  I had already told Luke that he needs at least 50 Service Hours per year.  Tonight he said he has 63 for the school year so far.  Yeah!  Good job!

  • The next item he needs to work on is a leadership schtick.  He is an Eagle Scout, but he's not involved in scouts anymore, so he "needs" (per me) a leadership position or continual leadership activity.  I had 3 examples to give him, but I couldn't only remember 3....ugh.  Anyway, one thing he could do is to get a leadership position in his honor society, The National Society of High School Scholars.  Or, he could seek a leadership role in Generation Joshua, a HSLDA teen leadership training organization, of which he is a member. 
He didn't argue, which usually means he understands the importance of it and will think about it.  

This week's school is on a laid-back schedule.  Luke and Josh have a Spring Break from History and Literature and Luke also has a break from Logic. So, the rest of us have a break from History and Literature too.  Oma (my mom) is visiting this week, so it's been an easier week to have a visitor and not have to spend as much time on school.  

Here's Josh, et al.,  taking advantage of relaxed schooling....

Josh, Levi and Darby

Watch the series below with "Darby, the licking dog."


  1. She's a pup! Josh is becoming a man!

  2. Did Josh have a growth spurt? He's growing up!! And so is Levi!

  3. Yes, He is becoming a young man very quickly. Levi is little and big at the same time!