Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If You're Bored, Do A Chore

Don't tell anybody this, but today after school, when I came downstairs from "Story Time" with my 3 yo (that used to be "nap time", but he caught on so now it's the part of "school" called "Story Time" and he usually ends up taking a nap!) I found the rest of my kids.....gasp....watching TV.  Don't they know they're homeschoolers and they should be doing things like science experiments, helping the elderly, learning how to play the violin or something other that watching TV?!  Especially when I was still finishing laundry, getting ready to make dinner (while 3 yo was sleeping), and whatever else it was I had to do.

I had them turn it off and quickly assigned chores to everyone.  I decided that I need a "If you're bored, do a chore" list.  Or, maybe a basket filled with strips of paper, each with a chore to be done by bored children.  

Once they did their chores, most of them found something better to do than watch TV.  

Here are some ideas for the "Bored Chore Basket":
Sweep back porch
Sweep back side walk
Cut grass
Help with laundry
Sweep front porch
Sweep front steps and sidewalk
Help with dinner
Brush the dog

Can anyone give me some help here??  I could use some more ideas.

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