Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My newest, favorite Easter tradition.

  We've had some Easter traditions in our family.  Last year we started a new one after a man in our Sunday school class said that's what his family did.  It was to use china dishes during Holy Week.  I thought that was awesome so we did it last year and ended up using the China for about a month.  Ya know it takes some extra effort to pull out the China and exchange it with the "everyday" dishes so it took me awhile to get motivated to to do the exchange in reverse!

Here are some of our Easter traditions:
  1. Use China during Holy Week
  2.  Bake resurrection rolls (oh, no!  we forgot this year!! Ok, I forgot!)
  3. Decorate an egg tree/bush

4.  Easter dinner- make a big, special dinner and eat in the dining room
5.  Egg hunt- inside or out

6.  Find a basket - when the kids wake up they look for a basket filled with treats
7.  Go to church- get there early to find a seat
 8.  Decorate eggs.  This is the NEWEST FAVORITE.... with tissue paper and/or crepe paper

Levi's hand

Is there just a little competition here?  Hmmm?

9.  Spend time with family
It is great to have my mom visit from half way across the U. S.!         

 10.  There must be a number ten, right?  Okay....I eat/ ate too much!


    1. Sounds like some wonderful family traditions! Love the crepe paper eggs! Visiting from Miscellany Monday.

      1. Thanks. I try to do a few special things that the kids will remember...but not do too much!

        Thanks for visiting.

    2. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Easter. Looks like you did. Love the tissue paper eggs. Will have to keep that in mind for next year!
      Found you through Reflexions.

    3. Thanks.

      I've just started getting out on other blogs,following, and commenting.

    4. your eggs are so pretty and unique looking!

    5. I was so glad that we ran out of the box of egg coloring so that we had to find an alternative. I said that we won't buy the egg decorating boxes anymore!