Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday - 12 April

 Some things I'm thankful for:
  •  That the 5 foot snake that my neighbor's daughter found at their back door didn't come to our house to visit...yet.
  •  That it was a harmless snake
  • For honest car mechanics.
  •  For my extended family.  As a military family, we don't get home to our to see our relatives often.  I am blessed that my family always warmly welcomes me when I do get to go home.  I will be traveling to be with my family in a few weeks to celebrate the life of my (young) aunt who died this week.
  •  For friends with whom I can be real.  Is this becoming less common in the technology world? 

San Antonio River Walk

  •  Beautiful warm, sunny weather.
  • That our vehicles work.  Well right now, most of them!
  • M & M's on sale at the Commissary (the military food store)!
  •  Jan, my homeschool group leader.  Wow, she connects the entire northeast part of the city's homeschoolers.
  •  That I can read.  I really can't imagine going through life and not being able to read.  I realized today, well maybe I already knew it, that my favorite part of homeschooling is reading books to the kids.  We are just getting to the American Revolution time period so there is some very exciting reading going on...war, treason, name calling ("Lobsterbacks"). etc.  I'd like to read more of the gazillion books that I have sitting by my bed that aren't "school books".   But where to find the time?  Do ya think the kids would notice if I read those books to them and told them it's a read-aloud and they have to sit and listen...just so I would find the time to read my own books?  Na.  But one can dream.
  • We're going on a weekend retreat with Officer Christian Fellowship (OCF)!  And, some of our friends are joining us!   OCF is an organization that helps military members and their families grow together in their relationship with God and others.

Cowboys for Heroes event on our military post.


  1. Snakes! Do not like them. But there's always a few around our yard. We had fun doing the American revolution earlier this year. We used history pockets and learned a lot. Blessings to you!

  2. Hmmmm. What are history pockets?

  3. Great post Sue ... thanks for sharing what you are thankful for today! I am thankful for YOU!!!

  4. Thanks. Yes. I am thankful for you and the kids and when I wrote this I figured that was a "given" but I could have added that anyway- can't hear that too many times.

    Check the blog again, I added a picture of the snake!