Sunday, April 1, 2012

My teenage son started a business

One of my teenage boys decided during school on Friday that he wanted to start a business.  Well, I don't know if that's when he decided, but that's when he told me about it and that's when he asked for my help to make some flyers for advertising his business. 

He decided to start by offering grass cutting. No weeding, edging, etc.  He handed some flyers out to neighbors....and BOOM.  He already made money today and has future jobs lined up.  I couldn't believe the number of local people in need of a teenage boy's services.  His older brother even got some work today due to the advertisement. 

Kinda makes me want to join him in his endeavor.  Kinda, but not really. 

Right now I'm learning more about blogging (before going to the 2:1 Conference for homeschool bloggers) and I'm getting ready to work for Analytical Grammar (a grammar curriculum). 

As I was learning more about blogging tonight, and getting a little lost in cyberspace, I found the post below.  Check it out.  Print it.  Make up music to it.  Yeah, I think it's good.  It's about being a man.


  1. That's a fantastic kid! Starting a business takes a lot of dedication..nice to see he wants to do something like that.

    Following from the Tuesday Blog Hop even though it's Thursday!

  2. Hi KG Style, It was totally out of the blue. He wants to make money now. I think he wants to spend it on hunting supplies!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.