Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A few too many things

There are a few more things than usual going on this week. 
  • I just became the "person in charge" of a field trip in 2 days for our homeschool group.  It should be a great trip- a highlight of our homeschooling year.  Headwaters of the San Marcos River .

  • We are submitting paperwork for hosting students from Europe again this summer with Nacel.  We are planning to get a boy from France and a girl from Spain.  They come for 4 weeks, stay with our family, and their mission is to learn English.  We had a boy from France last year and we loved having him!  We took him to church for the first time in his life, except a funeral, but he was late for that so it didn't really count.  
  •  I am pursing part-time employment
  • Getting ready to attend the 2to1conference in 9 days.  It's a conference for blogging homeschool moms.  Isn't that wild!? As Spock would say, "facinating."
  • Our small group is volunteering at Strong Foundation homeless shelter this weekend. 

Just going to deal with one thing at a time and next week should be back to normal at a much slower pace.  It's all exciting, just a little too much for one week.

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  1. when my girls are a little older, I would LOVE to host students from another country for a month!! what a great opportunity!

    I hope your field trip is wonderful!

    thank you for linking up!

  2. Keep Nacel in mind. Last year we saw a post on our homeschool email loop about hosting a student for 4 weeks. We thought four weeks would be too long and didn't reply. Well, about a week before the students came the lady emailed again looking for a home for just 2 weeks for a boy who would spend the other 2 weeks with another family. We figured we could do that. Well, we did NOT want to let him go after 2 weeks. He fit in SOOOOOO well with our family. So this year we are taking the big jump to four weeks AND possibly taking two students.

  3. Thank you so much for the pitch to find host families, Sue! The only reason I'm coordinating the program again is because my kids enjoyed it SOOOOOOO much last summer they begged me to make it happen again! The hardest part is trying to communicate to people how much FUN it is to host a student (or two). So thanks for the help.

  4. You are welcome. I'll put it on my FB page too and maybe more local people will see it.