Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthday Boy

This is the week of three birthdays in our house.  Josh turned 14 today!  Wow, just like that my older  boys are "boy-men" now.  I'm pretty sure men don't giggle way my two oldest were doing today, so they are still boy-men (not quite men). 

Waiting for Josh to open presents.

Josh said his matching cammo hunting clothes that he got today are the most expensive clothes he owns. 

Happy Birthday, Josh!

 What do you do when you get cammo for your birthday and some time off from school?  Go shoot the bow with your brother!  And, since we're in a neighborhood of
  other extreme bow hunters, Josh was fortunate to have a wonderful neighbor let him borrow the awesome 3-D target! 

"You say 'Redneck' like it's a bad thing."

Remember, this is just a target.  No actual animals were injured during target practice...at least none on film (:

Luke and his bow hunting skills.

 We had planned to go to a local drive through safari today, but it got rained out.  I think this was actually better.  

What do other teens do on their birthday??

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  1. What do other teens do on their birthday? That is a *good* question! I have a boy who will be 13 this July and a daughter who will be 16- I'm trying to plan birthdays they will remember. Usually bdays are a special lunch with dad, dinner made by mom (their favorite food), cake, ice cream and presents. Oh, and we take the day off of school :) I'm thinking of a scavenger hunt this year...
    It looks like your son had a great bday :)