Saturday, May 5, 2012

Family Dinners

As much as possible, our family eats dinner together.  All eight of us at the table.  We have a big table.  My 3 year old loves to say the prayer and end it with a loud "Amen" while raising his arms to the ceiling with a big smile.

A few years ago I read something, can't remember what or where, that prompted me to have everyone at the table say "Three Things."  The three things are something that they did that day. Good or bad.  And they say a little about each one.  Some say more than others.  When guests come, they are included.  (It's also public speaking training but they don't know that.) 

I think my 3 yo got "three things" mixed together with the prayer, so his prayers usually go like this..."Dear God, I went to the playground, I played with so-and-so, and I took a nap.  Thank you for the food.  Amen."  Add the big arm motion.

On page 4-5 of Apologia's 2012 catalog  is a letter from the president of Apologia, Davis Carman.    Mr. Carman, the father of seven children, has a must read letter about the family.  It made me think about how important our family dinners are.  

Cooking is not something I like to do, but I've learned to cook for eight.  Of course not everyone likes everything I cook (I don't even like all of it!).  My rule is that if you don't like something that someone else cooked, you don't say anything unless they ask you for your opinion.  However, if you like it, you can certainly say so!

How much do we eat?  It depends on how much everyone likes the food and how hungry they are.  Our main dish is usually a 9x12 casserole size.  I add vegetables and maybe potatoes, pasta, rice and/or bread on the side.  I love my bread machine and use it often to add to meals.  Late in the afternoon I try to have a plate with fresh fruit and vegetables cut up so they are easy to eat so as the kids are getting hungry they much on that. 

 I encourage you to read the letter in the Apologia catalog (click on the link above).

What are your family dinner rituals?

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  1. I love your ideas for mealtimes. I have been very lax at meal times but am inspired to get them going again. I will definitely use your 3 things to get the conversation going.