Saturday, May 12, 2012

Small Group Ministry- Retreat this Weekend

This is my 3rd weekend away from home, staying in a hotel.  Someone is making my beds and bringing clean towels as I'm typing this....ahhhh...   The entire weekend cost less than one night at an inexpensive hotel and it includes ALL meals for ALL eight of us.  Immediately when I heard that I told Steve we should go, and then, at some point,  I asked him what the retreat was for.

Back to Small Group Ministry.  Our family is attending this weekend retreat at a beautiful conference center for Officer Christian Fellowship members/leaders. 

Here's  a blurb from the Officer Christian Fellowship about page on their website:
"OCF desires to serve those who serve their country. We have resources available to help military members and their families grow together in their relationship with God and others."
It is a unique and exciting experience to be in a roomful of military or retired military officers from the Army, Navy and Air Force....and everyone is playing nice too.   There is at least one graduate from each of the military academies.  

In the next room there are people taking great care of our kids while we learn about the OCF organization, and there was plenty of time off to swim, exercise, blog, etc., today.

Tonight I interviewed a former Air Force Special Operations C-130 pilot with my kids.  He spent 30 years in the Air Force and my kids and I got to hear some great war, and peace time, stories.  Most of them were probably true!   I took some notes, and if I can get it together I'm going to rewrite the notes and post his story.  He asked if this was part of their school.  Yes.  Do they extra time off?  No.  

He did end up giving them an assignment... should I tell you now or make you wait until I write up the interview?   I'll tell you this, he said they need to read a particular book (no it wasn't the Bible, but I'm sure he would say that one too).  I'll let you know soon.

Are there any books you think kids should read before graduating from high school?  I'd love you to leave me a comment.

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