Monday, May 14, 2012

Walks With My Kids

For the past year or two we've been getting together in the morning for our Bible time.  A few weeks ago we started taking a walk once a week instead of the Calvary Chapel Curriculum that we use, and I love.  

Some of the kids scooter or rip-stick and others walk.  We usually take our not-so-well-trained Golden Retriever, Darby.  

Everyone loves it. 

It's almost the end of a school year and I think we sort of need to do it, I mean look at them...don't they look rambunctious?!

Right after Bible class today.

Yesterday was indeed a "happy Mother's Day."  Why?  Because the kids knew it was Mother's Day and they all had something for me. It's not that I want them to give me things, but I was so happy/thankful that they wanted to do something for me.  It truly was the thought that "counted".  I'd give my left arm or leg, or whatever, for them. 

Here is a handwritten note, a Vera Bradley bag, Godiva chocolate bag, hand made earrings and a painting that I got for Mother's Day!  All of them are my favorite things.  

I tell them that they are my Mother's Day gift and I mean it.  Thanks!  I love you!

Have you started anything new at the end of your school year this year?  Have you ever gone on walks with your kids during school?
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  1. Sweet!! Mother's Day is one of my favorite celebrations. BTW..notice I have a blog now? I'm feeling a bit more brave about sharing my experience...big step for me, but I'm hoping others with chronic illness might be encouraged.