Thursday, May 24, 2012

A New Season

Three of my kids are working now.

Until about 4 years ago I couldn't go anywhere without taking all of my kids along.  I had 5 kids at the time, and until Luke turned 12 if I had to go somewhere I took all of them, except for the rare time I hired a babysitter.  Babysitters who are comfortable watching 5 small kids are not plentiful.

When Luke turned 12 I let him start staying home by himself for small periods of time.  Eventually I let some of the the others stay with him.

Now he can watch all of them if I need him to and so can Josh and Caroline.  Somehow in 4 short years I have 3 babysitters who also all have part-time jobs.  Luke and Josh bag at the commissary, referee soccer games and do occasional pet sitting.  Caroline does pet sitting too.

It seems like yesterday that I packed a few toddlers, a baby and some elementary aged kids in my (large) vehicle and dragged them everywhere....commissary, medical appointments, dentist.  One time when I had 3 very young children and I was getting my haircut (a brief 30 minute appointment) the hairstylist asked how old my kids were.  When I answered, he remarked that I probably didn't have much time to relax.  I said, this is my time to relax....30 minutes at the hair salon!!

 Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven--

In case you're wondering we've had a few Suburbans, mini-vans, an 8 passenger Mercedes van and now we have a 12 passenger van so we can take some of the kids' friends with us.

Now, I have to make a special effort to have them all with me!!  I love it when we can all go somewhere fun together like "Park Day"  with our homeschool group.

Josh's first day on the job "bagging" at the commissary. 

Luke (right) is training Josh to "bag".

"Mr. A."  The best boss!! 

Do you get time to yourself?  How? When? 

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