Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spending Time with Family is Special for a Military Family


It rained in San Antonio today.  We went out to play in the puddles twice

Levi and Sophia

This past weekend was bitter-sweet.  On Friday I flew to Boston to say goodbye to my aunt.  She was married to my mother's brother who is only 14 years older than me.  The summer that I graduated from college, I lived with and worked for them.  Not only did they put up with me, but they treated me amazingly well.  It was a great summer.  

I lived near them a few years later when I was in the Army and stationed in the area, so we spent time together often.   She left my uncle and my two cousins, one is a freshman in college and one graduated from college last year and is in graduate school.  

Almost of our family was there...my mom, aunts, uncles and cousins which was exciting since, as a large military family, we don't get to go "home" often.  I have a wonderful family and I love to visit them.  They know me and they still talk to me and ask how and what I'm doing!
My mom and her baby brothers.  We still call them "the adults." 
My cousins, still called "the kids" although two will turn 50 next year.  (Not sayin' which two.)

Driving around that area north of Boston, I was fascinated with the beauty there.  The clapboard houses (I just pointed out that particular type of house to my kids as we were studying the Revolutionary Time Period in the US), the winding roads, beaches, sailboats.  I decided it is my favorite place in the United States.  Ouch- and I've lived in San Fransisco and Monterey, CA!

A fresh "Lob-stah" Roll.
Center piece arrangement from the gathering of friends and family. 



  1. Lots packed into this post for sure. Many generations of family represented here as well. Life is beautiful, we have so much to be eternally grateful for. May the Lord bless us, may he make his face shine on us and bring us peace!

  2. Thank you for reading and understanding.

  3. Thank you for visiting "Tell me a True Story." Please return and be sure to post your own story there.

    Saying good bye to a loved one is sad but if they know Jesus, it is also glorious. We said good bye or rather farewell to my mother recently and many traveled for the funeral. Actually it was a wonderful time of remembering mom and many came forward to say kind words about her life. Your children were able to have a lovely geography lesson too in the surroundings you found yourself in. Our daughter was in the Air Force and she enjoyed military life. She married, and decided not to re-enlist.

  4. Unfortunately I couldn't take any of my children with me. My 12 yo daughter really wanted to go because she doesn't know her relatives. We lived in Germany from the time she was 6 until 10 years old.

    I would have loved for my kids to see their relatives too but we couldn't afford it. That was extremely sad for me.

    The last time we were able to take my entire family to see relatives was when we moved back to the states 2 summers ago.

    I am hoping that possible this summer I can take at least a few of my kids home to see relatives.

    I was thinking that maybe it sounded like all of my family went when I wrote the post. Didn't mean that, but it just makes it more obvious to me how important the time is when we do, on rare occasions, get to take our children to see our relatives!!