Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tour of the Alamo and IMAX Alamo movie

We met other families from our homeschool group at the Rivercenter Mall IMAX in San Antonio today.   As we were walking into the theater we saw a bunch of school buses outside which turned out to be from our local public elementary school.  We waved at and high-fived a handful of kids we know.  They said that after the movie they were going to have a picnic at a park.  After the movie we went to the Alamo.  It's right across the street from the IMAX and it's free.

The Alamo...inside the walls.
 The movie/story was awesome!  Those were real, brave men.  Not real brave men...they were real men and they were brave.  I'll be taking my two older boys, who didn't go today, back to see the movie to give them a real-world look at what it means to be a man. 

Santa Anna was a coward.  He didn't care how many of his men he lost as long as he won.  

LTC Travis gave his men a choice of whether to stay and fight, which he said would end in their death, or to leave and save themselves.  Staying, he said,  would help the cause of freedom. History proved him right.  The fight at the Alamo gave time for Gen. Sam Houston to get more men and ultimately win at San Jacinto ensuring freedom for Texas.


After we toured the Alamo we ate at the  
Rainforest Cafe.  
Levi was scared of the animals when they seemed to come alive.  I told him that I wouldn't let anything happen to him.  He stayed very close to me the entire time we were in the restaurant!

We got the signature Volcano dessert!  We didn't even finish it.  I took a picture so we could copy it at home...the bottom is a brownie slice, with 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.  Then there are 3 wedge shaped brownie slices leaning on the ice cream.  Somewhere in there is a whipped cream, fudge sauce and caramel sauce.

We RARELY go out to eat so this was a real treat!

Great field trip!!!

What are some of your favorite local homeschool field trips?


  1. my sister-in-law used to live in San Antonio... i've heard it's so gorgeous!

  2. Hi Carissa, It's "western"! Tons of bling, cacti, pickup trucks, and great food...