Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Email Was Hacked!

The good thing about being hacked, if there is a good thing, is that you get to hear from friends who you haven't heard from in a long time.  

And, people call/email/text  because even though they don't think you were attacked by a gunman in the Philippines, but they are concerned and want to make sure it really was a hoax!

I'm sorry about any inconvenience or concern this caused you!   

If you would like to take time to leave a comment that would be great- then I'll know that you know I was hacked.  I'm trying to get the word out as quickly/easily as possible.  

Thanks for caring! 

(To comment:  If you don't have a google account you can publish as "anonymous" and then sign your name so I know it was you.)


  1. I was just leaving the Dr.s office when reading the email. My instinct was to think you had been hacked, I mean, don't you have small group tomorrow? Then again, I thought, well this is Sue...she could very well be in the Phillipines today, and small group tomorrow. I began to invision you and your family surrounded by gunmen while typing frantically on your smart phone. I started to email you when I saw the "all clear" email you sent out. Phew! Glad you guys are safe and sound!

  2. You are so funny..."well this is Sue..."! Ha! Yes, a number of people thought, no, this can't be real...can it? I mean we are military family. It could be true. Loved the, sadly accurate, picture of me typing on my smart phone!!

  3. Hi Sue, is it fun or not to hear this way from you !?
    We couldn' be sure you are in the Phillipines or ..., ya: where ! But, of course we didn't believe that you try to get money from us in Germany, and promise to give it back 'tomorrow'. Unbelieveble what they can do today with a computer. After all, we are really glad to 'hear' from you and found out this site with that wonderful pictures of your family. They are soo big, they look all great - good job, mum. If you want you can find us at facebook too. (I'm not a big writer there, but a new picture and few news now and then would be nice, or not ?) Lots of love and good wishes Gabi with Nina, Aaron and Marvin Hillenbrand from St.Leon

  4. Hallo Gabi!!!! So good to hear from you!!! Will you go on facebook and do a friend request to me "Susan Sobczak" then we can keep in touch that way. You can always make a comment on my blog and I'll get that too. We miss St Leon and Germany sooooooo much.

    Tell the kids Hallo please!