Sunday, May 27, 2012

Documenting a School Year

My plan at the beginning of the school year was to blog for a year, documenting what homeschooling looks like for our it would encourage other homeschoolers.

Okay.  I found out how hilarious that was when, after I had been blogging for awhile, I found out that there are a "bizzilion" other homeschool blogs. 

What difference does mine make when there are so many others?  Does one blog make a difference?

  • My blog is unique because it's about my family and I love that it will hopefully remain in the blogosphere for my family's posterity. 
  •  I found out that I can get my posts printed in a book so that I can have a hard copy.  I plan to do that. 
  •  At the 2:1 Conference that I attended the mantra was, "Keep Blogging.  Everyone has something important to say, and what you say may really help someone else.  There are people who like your blog for a reason." 

I am so thankful for my followers and people who post comments.  It is a great community!  A real community with real people.

I'm pretty sure I'll continue documenting our homeschool in the years to come. 

On Tuesday I plan to post my top ten favorite topics that I blogged about.  Hmmm...what am I going to say?   I already know one thing that I'll put on there as my favorite homeschool activity this year...and it's a little embarrassing.  Come back on Tuesday.  Please.

                                   What are your favorite blogs about???



  1. Hi Sue!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm glad you found me and my post on children: blessing or burden.
    It looks like you have a good blog too, and I look forward to reading more here as time allows!
    I was encouraged by your comment to keep blogging, because someone needs to hear what I have to say! Thanks for the encouragement today!

  2. Elizabeth,
    I think people need to hear from you for sure! Sometimes we think, "I could never do such-and-such" and then we find that others are doing it and we see how they are doing it, and it helps. It is great to see you with ten children who are NOT burdens!!

    I couldn't believe the comment that I heard on the radio and I didn't know if others felt like I did. Then I found your post which is exactly how I feel about's what God says about kids.

    I hope you keep blogging.


  3. Sue, I read Elizabeth's blog about large families...thanks for posting it to your FB page. It so beautifully expresses how God sees children...a blessing rather than a burden.