Friday, November 4, 2011

Civics Class Today

The local AUSA  (Association of the United States Army) chapter awarded a plaque to Josh and another scout today to recognize their accomplishment of earning the Eagle Scout rank.  The AUSA is his troop's sponsoring organization.  There were a few hundred people at this quarterly luncheon so he received a lot of "atta-boys".  The guest speaker was a Command Sergeant Major and he gave a stellar speech on what it means to wear the uniform of the US Army and how that makes soldiers different in reality and in the minds of the public.  He was hooah.  He really worked the audience which included two and three star generals.  It was great for Josh to see/hear.  

That was his Civics Class today.

Josh receives recognition for his rank of Eagle.


  1. Josh, congratulations on an amazing accomplishment! Love you! Thanks Sue for taking him!