Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My friend's husband was killed in Afghanistan

On Saturday in Kabul, Afghanistan my friend's husband was killed when a suicide bomber hit a bus. 

We knew each other during the 4 years we lived in Germany which was before we moved here last year.  She has 5 and 6 yo boys.  He also has 2 slightly older children from a previous marriage and they spent a summer in Germany when we lived there. 

He was promoted to LTC in September and another one of our mutual friends from Germany, who now lives near this family, was at his promotion ceremony.

My friend attended PWOC with me (a ladies' Bible study group) and we attended the chapel together there.  People get close in Germany.  People in PWOC get even closer.  And this is even closer than civilian families can ever even imagine, in my opinion.  In Germany we constantly sent soldiers, usually husbands and fathers, to Iraq and Afghanistan.  We are family.  My friend and her husband now live in the states and he was serving in Afghanistan as a social worker. 

When an officer is killed in a war zone, two officers in uniform come to the door of the family and regretfully inform the family of the loss of the loved one. 

There are sisters in Christ all over the world right now weeping and praying for and with this family.   The facebook, email and phone traffic is monumental.

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  1. Heartbreaking. I am so sorry to hear of this news. We will be praying for your friend, and her family. Praying for you guys too.