Thursday, November 3, 2011

Levi loved the Movie Ivanhoe

We had recently studied the time of Robin Hood, King Richard, etc. so I got Ivanhoe on DVD.  The kids and I watched it tonight.   It was an Academy Award nominee in 1952.  Levi (my 2 yo)  loved seeing the knights on their horses fighting- he wants a real sword so bad.  Caroline (11 yo), Jesse (9 yo), Sophia (7 yo) and I read about, looked at pictures of knights, castles, drawbridges, chain mail, battering rams, etc. and we got to see all of that and more in this movie and it brought it all to life for us.  

We are a quarter through this school year and I feel like I'm doing all that I can, yet not doing enough.  I'm going to try to let that thought go in one ear and out the other and look at the big picture.  I mix classical education (detailed and organized) with Charlotte Mason (more free-spirited) and I'm hoping to add a little unschooling (life-is-school attitude). 

Somehow I need to plan into my schedule time to prepare for lessons during the week.  I've never been very good at figuring out when to do that.  Right now I need to look at my "library" and check to see that I have all the books we need for the next quarter.  My library consists of books stored in big clear plastic bins in my attic (in this house it's the attic, and in other houses it's been in basements...closets, etc).  The bins are labeled with which curriculum and which year of the curriculum.   Most of the books are history and literature books but I also have teachers manuals for science, math, English, etc.

I also need to submit some German homework for Caroline, correct a geometry test and get a science test ready for tomorrow. 

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