Monday, November 7, 2011

My recommendations for companies that offer online classes for homeschoolers.

My friend was asking me about the online courses that my kids take.  She asked if I would write about them.  Here they are Jasmine!

1.  Memoria Press:  This is one of my favorite companies.  Their customer service is outstanding.  I've used their Latin curriculum (not online) for a few years.  This year I signed the kids up for Independent Study for Latin.  Due to our schedule we haven't started it yet, but we can take as long as we want to finish it.  It is self-paced.  You can even buy the DVDs that teach the classes.  My high school sophomore, Luke, is taking Logic this year in an online class and loves it!!  They have tons of other classical classes.  I even took an online class for teachers who teach Latin this summer.  

2.  Tapestry of Grace (TOG):  I found out at the end of last school year that Tapestry of Grace started offering online classes last year.  This year I have Luke  and Josh (8th grade) taking their history and literature with them.  They keep the classes small- about 5-6 students.  The classes cover the same material that I would cover with them, but it frees me up to teach the younger kids.  We are still all studying the same time period and subjects.  I found it hard to fit in all of TOG's literature so I was excited about these classes.

3.  Apologia:  Luke,took Biology with them last year.   It was our first experience with online classes.  Everything was great about the experience we had.  He had to do labs on his own and turn in lab write ups.  He had tests and homework.  They have classes other than science too.

4.  Landry Academy:  I found out about this one from Homeschool Legal Defense Association's website.  They offer tons of great classes.  Luke is taking Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology and loves it!  He will take a Chemistry Lab Intensive in person, not online,  in the spring which will give him credit for all of his chemistry labs.  My 6th grader is taking a one semester intro to German class for 5th and 6th graders.  She is doing very well in the class.  There are only 2 students in the class so she gets personal attention.  FYI:  They offer discounts if you sign up early!

5.  Oklahoma State University High School German Online: This is asynchronous.  The students Skype with a tutor once a week who goes over what the students have completed, they do oral tests, and always speak German.  The student can complete these courses at his own pace. 

6.  The Potter's School*Caution*  I don't like the administrative part of this company.  They are not customer service oriented.  They don't have a phone number where you can reach them.  We had an issue with our computer and I found them to be, um, discourteous at best.  If you check the Sonlight Forums, or do a google search, you will find others who have had similar experiences.  However, I'm putting them on here because the classes and teachers are fine.  They are rigorous.  My 13 yo started middle school Spanish 1 last year with them and he's in MS Spanish 2 this year.  When he is finished this year, he will transition to High School Spanish 2 next year, in 9th grade because MS Spanish 1 and 2 is equivalent to High School Spanish 1.  

7.  Math-U-See:  I don't use them for online classes, but they do have them.  They have pre-calc and calc so I know that, if I need to, I can use them for those classes in the future.  I use their curriculum for some of my younger students and it is a great company with quality products and great customer service. 

If you found this helpful, please leave a comment!  Thanks.

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