Friday, November 11, 2011

News report about LTC David Cabrera's funeral today:

Here is a news story about my friend August and her hero husband.

 Three of us drove from San Antonio to Houston today to go to David's funeral and give August hugs and prayers.  We all lived in Heidelberg, Germany together.  One other friend drove 6 hours from Abilene and met us there.

When we arrived, there were numerous and police cars and about 100 motorcycles and riders.  The Patriot Guard Riders were there because a group had petitioned to hold a protest against the military funeral as they often do in this country.  As a retired Army officer, I think it's great that we  have free speech in this country...and so do the motorcyclists who were prepared to turn their their bikes on and rev them to the highest level to drown out the noise of any non-patriotic protesters.  The protesters didn't show.  The cyclists lined the entrance to the church holding American flags for us to enter through.

Here are a few of the honorable Patriot Riders and their bikes.

The Patriot Guard Riders lined up with flags outside of the church in Houston.

There were a few hundred people at the service.  David's friend of 27 years spoke about him and shared how he gave his life for his friends like Jesus did for us.  She that David is with Jesus now.

The most somber part of the service was when the soldiers folded the flag from the casket and gave it to August.  Then they proceeded to give one to David's father and to each of his four children. 

Please continue to pray for my friend August and her children.  Here is the website for him and the memorial fund for his children.

School today was the seeing that we should mourn with those who mourn.  That military service men and women are sacrificial and heroic.  It was also, how to take care of each other when your mom and dad are away- dad in Afghanistan and mom at a the funeral of a friend.  And, it was learning that we have some wonderful friends and neighbors who helped watch the kids today- thanks!

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